Who is Robert Pattinson’s best friend? Is it girlfriend Kristen Stewart or one of his mates from London, like Tom Sturridge? In a new interview, Robert Pattinson reveals he use to pretend he was one Prince William’s best buds. Wouldn’t Prince Harry be more believable?

Robert Pattinson says: “When I first came [to the U.S.], it was very easy to convince people that you’re a member of the royal family — or it least that you kind of know people – the first time that you go out in LA,” Robert said in an interview that aired on the UK’s “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday. “You know, I hadn’t worked for three years – I was unemployed in London.

“[People would ask] ‘What have you been doing for the last three years?’” R-Pattz continued with a laugh. “‘Oh, I’ve been at RADA [Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts] with Prince William.’ And they’d go, ‘Oh, that sounds wonderful! You’re English – I completely believe you!’”

Unfortunately, no Royal Wedding invites for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I guess they are not Twilight fans. Although, RPatz a Taurus, would actually be a great mate for Prince William a Cancer, not to mention his wife Princess Catherine, who is a Capricorn. They would actually probably become best friends if they ever hung out together.

For Robert Pattinson and girlfriend Kristen Stewart, they are gearing up for Twilight mania when Breaking Dawn hits movie theaters this summer. Will it be the best film of the Twilight saga? Well at least fans will get to see Bella and Edward finally consummate their love and have a little Vampire baby.

For Robert Pattinson’s best friend Tom Sturridge, he has been hooking up with Sienna Miller in a little rebound love. She recently split with Jude Law and Tom is helping her with a broken heart. Just what the doctor ordered. Stay tuned!

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Jacy Nova

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