CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, Nene Leakes Bully Quits, Divorce Drama Diva Update!

Celebrity Apprentice star, NeNe Leakes, can dish out insults but she definitely can’t take it. In a new Russ Parr radio interview, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was a “bully.” Of course our Atlanta girl went ballistic, NeNe Leakes doesn’t seem to know when she should zip it. Could her pending divorce be stressing her out? Why did she really quit?

In fact, just to prove a point, NeNe leakes said on the radio: “I won’t stab you in the back, I will stab you in the chest.” Gee Sagittarius chick, thanks for the visual.

When NeNe Leakes was told that she “seemed like a bully” on the Donald Trump – produced Celebrity Apprentice, Leakes hit back with, “I know I’m not a bully and everybody has their opinions and that’s fine with me. You’re not on the show; I am. So you don’t know what goes on.”

NeNe Leakes also rejected the insinuation that she was tapped for Celebrity Apprentice because of her behavior on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, saying, “I’m on the show because I’m very popular.” After being asked if she felt “attacked” in interviews, Leakes said: “Let me get you to understand I don’t bully anybody. I stand up for what I believe in and I’m very honest and I always tell the truth.

Astrologically, we just think NeNe Leakes is unhappy in her personal life. If she was getting the kind of loving she needed, NeNe would probably be a lot sweeter to be around. NeNe may have fame, but she’s still facing a divorce with estranged husband Gregg Leakes. I guess being a celebrity gets lonely, especially if you’re a bully. Hopefully, our Sagittarius girl will tone it down next year. NeNe has become an overbearing diva and isn’t as lovable as she use to be. Just sayin.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.

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  1. I think Nene is an embarrassement to black women. She is the type of women a “man” would have to “put hands on”. She is uneducated, ugly, and built like a man. It is no wonder that she was abondonded by her mother, and to top it off…she doesnt know who her father is. So, she has major issues. Nene, find your dad, forgive your mom for leaving you, and that would be a great start to maybe you acting some what human.

  2. Love Nene, she always tells the truth and the way it is. Some may not like it but she won’t be cussed at like with Kim on the housewives, she won’t be played like Star tried to do on Apprentice and she can’t be brought like Donald tried to do just to keep ratings and that to me is real.

  3. Pretty serious stuff against Nene. So what we have here is a bully with anger problems and Star, a narsacisstic A-hole

  4. If you read some of the blogs about Nene and her charity, you will know that her charity is a fraud and there is no charity. If she had won any challenges, where would the money go? To Her???

  5. It is sad and pathetic to praise an abusive, out of control, immature bully like Nene Leakes so honestly displays on the Celebrity Apprentice. And what’s even sicker is her charity of choice is for battered women? has the Atlanta Union Mission actually seen this perpetrator in action? If anyone actually cared about this pathetic person, they would get her into some professional anger management before she will undoubtedly find herself in prison. Mark my words, Nene Leakes will be arrested for assault within the next year if not sooner. She’s one sick bully who needs professional help.

  6. I dont know Nene personally and I never saw her show but I do watch Celebrity Apprentice so my opinions are coming from just watching her on that show. For me, I did not like her in the beginning b/c she was so rude and down right mean to LaToya. Calling her “Casper’ was uncalled for and a horrible thing to say to someone else. If she was mad at Laytoya for something she did on the show than Nene should have stated so and not called her names. That was childish and Latoya took the high road. I was also disappointed in Marlee Matlin and the other girls for not sticking up for Latoya. But towards the end they did make up and I was glad to see that. When Nene and Star got into it, I sided with Nene. Star is passive-aggressive and a sneek. Star causes trouble in a quiet, unassuming manner and then when someone like Nene shouts about it, it makes the one that is making all the noise look wrong, and that is Star’s M.O. Someone like Star cannot be trusted and I can totally see where Nene was coming from when she said Star would stab you in the back. Star is a phony and I can see right through her. So in that instance, I agree with Nene.

  7. This girl has become such a diva and for what reason?? Reality TV–not all has just made some ignorant no talent people rich and famous..Lets get back real talent on TV!! Quit making people famous for no reason.
    You wanna know why I think she quit?? She realized she wasn’t in the same category has the others..they were all stars and had true talent..who could she have called to have raked in some money??? Kim?? 🙂 sheree 🙂 I don’t think so!! So she split..she couldn’t pull the Star card anymore although I don’t have anything nice to say about her either..Good bye to both!

  8. I think they should name a trailer park after meaney, meaney! And she actually calls herself a lady? Right!

  9. Add immature, unprofessional, ego maniac and plain crazy. She quit the Celebrity Apprentice, seriously? She didn’t raise a dime for her charity. She’s so negative, girl go back to Atlanta!

  10. shes gonna defend that shes not a bully by sayin shes very honest? a bully at a school that goes up to a fat kid and says ur fat, thats honest….but thats bullying. i fuckin hate this chick

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