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  1. I think for Marie Osmond, if you look at her chart, she wants comfort. Instead of finding a new man to accept her 8 kids, it is much easier to return to her first love, who became her best friend.

    I think the poor girl is overwhelmed, also she chose to get married on the birthdate of her dead mother and son. Not very romantic but very symbolic.

    On the dress, she mentioned in the US magazine article she could barely breath in the dress. She had a different wedding dress but was unhappy with it but still kept her first dress.

    I think these two will stay together. It’s about love and companionship.

  2. i wish them well, I really do but I have 2 comments. I know I have not seen many photos of her wedding day but the ones I have seen, she looks totally miserable. Not a face you should wear on your wedding day . I know she has had tramas and I hope she is getting help. Also, I keep hearing that she is wearing the same gown she wore when they married the first time and I was wondering why did she keep it 4 over 30 yrs even while being married to someone else. Also, If that is the same gown, I am pretty sure it was ‘altered’, if you know what I mean. Comparing the first wedding photo to this recent one, Marie may have lost a lot of weight but she is NOT the same size she was when she was 18 yrs old, nor does her body look as thin. Even her breasts are now ‘altered’ and much larger than the 1st time they married.

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