Charlie Sheen and the goddesses rolled into Cleveland tonight and the fan reviews are in. The “Violent Torpedo of Truth”  is a hit, Sheen’s comedy tour is going to keep on trucking down the highway.

Charlie Sheen wowed the sold out crowd in Cleveland and fine tuned his comedy show even more. A cross between the Actor’s Studio meets True Hollywood story, Sheen loved up his crowd and got another standing ovation.

Hollywood Reporter, got four fans to give a show review of the “Violent Torpedo of Truth.” Here is what one fan said:  “Sheen is the kind of guy who every guy wishes he had a friend like that. I’d give anything to have a guy friend like Sheen. I would live on his couch. There’s nothing fake about him. For a guy who’s one of the biggest things in the world going on right now — after three wars and a tsunami — he came to visit me in one of the biggest shitholes besides Iraq. I was super stoked because Hollywood doesn’t always come visit us. I had seen his movies, and I thought they were cool, but I was never like a [huge] fan. That only started when all the craziness happened, and I thought, ‘This guy is awesome.’ He’s an original, love him or hate him. I was scared to death after the news reports of Detroit; I felt so bad for him because he doesn’t have a job and he’s just trying to do something. But after Chicago, he seems to be getting it together and he’s got it totally figured out now; he knows what he needs to do to make it work. He gave us a lot of respect and didn’t treat us like some po-dunk Ohio losers; he treated us like equals. That’s why he got a good response. He thanked us 50 times for coming to see him; he realizes he has nothing without his fans.”

Sounds like our Virgo dude is a hit. Astrologically, the last two years have been tough for Charlie Sheen. He may have two goddesses to love him up, he still seems bummed that his wives left him. I guess everyone needs love, even Charlie Sheen.

Astrochicks plans on catching the San Francisco show. In case you missed his latest video, he did a spoof of his 20/20 interview and it’s hysterical. You can check it out here. ENJOY!

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.