Britney Spears appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and Popbytes got to check out her live performance for her Femme Fatale. The only problem is she lip synced the whole way through the set. Granted the stage looked awesome, she danced like a zombie.

Britney Spears,  no stranger to controversy, Astrochicks wonders if her “people” are pushing her to be a money making machine. She doesn’t have the same spark she did when she was just a teen. She seems medicated and she can barely dance anymore. Anyway, what does the future hold for our Sagittarius girl?

Today, Britney Spears and her peeps were handed a lawsuit. The pop singer was sued for $10 million dollars over a stinky perfume deal. E Online reports: The resurgent Femme Fatale singer and her conservator-father Jamie Spears have been sued for by a brand-marketing company that claims Britney Spears went behind the Brand Sense Partners’ back in a “sneaky, under-handed effort” to screw them out of a cut of the profits from Britney’s Elizabeth Arden fragrance deal.

Brand Sense says it has received its proper share up until February 2011, when Britney cut a direct licensing deal with Elizabeth Arden. But, the plaintiff insists, its deal with Britney Spears is still in effect, the new Arden deal is a “fraud” and Brand Sense has suffered at least $10 million in damages and wants its 35-percent cut as long as Elizabeth Arden is making scents with Britney.

Astrologically, we predict Britney Spears will settle her lawsuit out of court. Her tour will be a success and our girl needs to go on an extended vacation. She should be focused on being a Mom and less on a superstar. Daddy needs to let his baby girl relax. On a side note, did you know that Britney Spears dad use to be Adrienne Maloof’s executive chef before he became her conservator? What a switch. Just sayin…

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Jacy Nova

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