Lady luck blessed seven state workers in Albany, New York with the $319 million dollar jackpot. The winning ticket was sold at a convenience store a few blocks from the state capitol.

The group bought the Mega Million golden ticket at the store by purchasing a Quick Picks. The winning numbers were 22-24-31-52-54. The Mega ball was 4, lottery officials said.

The lucky seven bought several Mega Millions tickets, a source told FOX23 News in Albany, but the soonest they can come forward to claim their prize is tomorrow, when the lottery office reopens from the weekend. I imagine they are having quite a celebration this weekend and must be nervous babysitting that winning ticket over the weekend.

Employees at Coulson’s News Center were proud they were able to help dole out newfound riches, clerk Steve Gallucci said. “I’m happy about it,” he said. “I hope whoever wins it uses it in a good way. I gave away a couple of Quick Picks – who knows, maybe I gave away $300 million.”

The lucky winners can take a lump sum of $202.9 million, which divided by seven people, will give each winner about $28 million dollars each. How exciting!  An interview with the winners will be held tomorrow! Congrats!

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Jacy Nova

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