Moviestar Elizabeth Taylor sadly passed away this week at the age of 79. The English actress rose to fame as a child star and became known for her acting talent, beauty and lovely violet eyes. Considered an icon in Hollywood, she was not only famous for the films she starred in but also her VERY complicated love life.

Born under the sign of Pisces, Elizabeth Taylor was the ulimate femme fatale.  Deeply sensitive and emotional, she was a true romantic. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she loved hard and fast. Married eight times to seven different men, she had four children. Two sons with Michael Wilding, one daughter with Michael Todd, and one adopted daughter with Richard Burton.

On March 25th, Elizabeth Taylo was laid to rest. Her funeral held at Forest Lawn, she was buried at the same cemetary as her best friend, Michael Jackson. Taylor known for her compassion and support of AIDS research, she leaves behind a substantial fortune.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Elizabeth Taylor was estimated to be worth over $600 million dollars. According to sources, in her will, Elizabeth Taylor left her fortune to her children and the charities she loved so much. Incredibly talented, her legacy will live on with her films and perfume line.  Thoughts and prayers go out to her family, may she rest in peace.

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Jacy Nova

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