It’s official, Ashley Hebert is ABC’s next Bachelorette. She’s a cross between Jillian Harris meets Ali Fedotowsky, with an extreme beauty makeover. The Bachelorette franchise has dyed her hair brunette and she’s got her teeth whitened. Our girl is ready for her close up and 25 slobbering guys. But what about Brad Womack, does Ashley Hebert still have feelings for the Bachelor? What does the future hold for our new Bachelorette? Check out our psychic predictions.

Ashley Hebert, was all smiles on Jimmy Kimmel tonight, acting like the Homecoming Queen meets the Head Varsity Cheerleader combined. Our girl is THRILLED to be the new Bachelorette and ready to take another time out from dental school. The big question Bachelorette fans have, does she have the “Wow” factor? Maybe.

Why did ABC choose Ashley Hebert as the Bachelorette and not Chantal O’Brien? Well Chantal is already in a new relationship, our girl moves fast. For Ashley Hebert, she’s been single for four years, which should be a MAJOR red flag for ABC. Is she a commitment phobe or is she a drama mama? What does her psychic fuure hold?

A psychic by the name of Nahu, had some interesting predictions about our girl next door, Ashley Hebert.  In his reading, he described our new Bachelorette as follows:  “Ashley Hebert  is a perceptive person, that is, she can see into people. However, at times she makes her assessment of prospective males a little too quickly and jumps into relationships she knows she should have thought over longer. However, once she gets turned off of a person, she can close down completely, making it very difficult to reach her again.”

He continued, “Although Bachelorette Ashley Hebert comes from a loving home with lots of emotional support, she has trouble dealing with rejection. In the past, she had some issues with her father and a competitive female sibling. Deep inside, Ashley has strong spiritual convictions but a tough time resisting temptation, so she tends to get herself into trouble for blurting out what she thinks.” You can read the rest of the predictions here.

For Astrochicks, we don’t know what her astrology sign is but our psychic love prediction is Bachelortte Ashley Hebert is in it for the fame and fortune. If she happens to find love …great. If not, I seriously doubt Ashley will be that upset, she plans on milking the Bachelorette fame for all it’s worth. Either way, it should be a great season and I think we will find a VERY CUTE Bachelor out of it. Stay tuned.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.