Charlie Sheen recently fired from “Two and Half Men” is still raking in the dough. In his CBS syndication deal alone, Sheen is expected to earn between $50 million to $75 million per year. Not too shabby, for someone who was fired by CBS for moral turpitude. But wait, it gets even better for our Virgo dude. We have a few celebrity psychic and astrology predictions for our man. Yes, he’s still winning!

This week, Charlie Sheen inked a live comedy tour and merchandising deal with Live Entertainment. They are going to be selling “Winning” and “Tiger Blood” t-shirts and mugs. Also, Sheen has a new reality TV show with HD Net and Mark Cuban. His wacky antics have taken America by storm as fans watch the “Two and Half Men” actor implode. Is he really sober or is Charlie Sheen suffering from mental illness? Could this all be an act?

Friends and critics have been weighing in on Charlie Sheen’s manic behavior. Tonight on Piers Morgan, Daniel Baldwin an old friend of his, believes the actor is still using drugs. Some believe he may be using crack cocaine. Sheen swears he’s sober and high on life. Will his runaway train spin off the tracks?

According to our good friend and celebrity psychic, Jusstine Kenzer, our Virgo dude Charlie Sheen is in for a wild ride. His spirit has been hijacked by some bad ass spirits, who have basically taken Sheen over and he’s on cruise control. Jusstine says: It’s like his spirit has been hijacked. He is completely and totally unbalanced. It’s like he’s standing in the middle of a freeway and all the traffic is going by, but it’s going through him. The essence of who he is is so completely gone. This energy has taken him over. It seems like him, and he has to take responsibility for it, but he’s just out to lunch. Him talking about having an alien consciousness or whatever he has said… there is no making sense of this. It’s a dry drunk. A dry drug addict. He doesn’t have to be using to not have the effects. Sounds like a Steven Spielberg film to Astrochicks.

Our astrological predictions for Charlie Sheen are as follows. He will continue to make massive amounts of money, with his goddesses hanging on to their golden ticket for dear life. We are concerned for his ex wife AND addict, Brooke Mueller, she needs to be super careful when it comes to using. We think one of his family members will try to pull a “Britney” on him and take charge of his cash.  Charlie Sheen is a super smart guy, we do think he suffers from manic depression and with the right medication, he can balance it out.  Boundaries in relationships will be his focus in 2012. If he can get that together, he can begin to heal. Wishing him well.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.