Bachelor Brad Womack is down to his final two, will he choose Chantal O’Brien or single mom Emily Maynard to be his wife?  In case you missed the Bachelor spoilers or Reality Steve’s predictions, Brad Womack chooses Chantal as his bride to be. Or does he? New rumor is Emily Maynard gets the final rose.

Which leaves which girl as the next ABC Bachelorette. The perfect ending to Bachelor Brad Womack’s runaway groom syndrome. What does the future hold for Brad Womack? Is he happily engaged?  Check out his love astrology predictions.

Brad Womack, is born under the astrology star sign of Scorpio. Complicated and mysterious, he is one intense dude. Although he is a Scorpio, half of Brad’s chart is in cardinal signs (they typically say, “My way or the highway”). He needs to be in charge. He’s looking for the perfect woman,  his four planets in “can’t make up my mind” Libra, makes him fickle in love. What Brad really needs is a lady who totally believes in him (worship might be a better word) to satisfy his sensitive soul.

Emily Maynard, is a cool and calm Aquarius girl. She doesn’t allow herself to get carried away with her emotions. Sharing the same love sign as Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Palin, she’s one smart cookie. She does have Moon in Scorpio, which compliments Brad Womack’s chart, she would be loyal and devoted.The only problem is it squares her Sun, so she’s hard to read and a tad bit insecure in love.

Which leaves Brad Womack with his most passionate connection, Chantal O’Brien. Together, they share fireworks in and out of the bedroom. He knows he will not only have love with Chantal but that crazy drama that Scorpios live for.  Is that enough for Brad to ask her to marry him?

The only concern Astrochicks has for Brad and Chantal is astrologically, Brad hits a tough period in 2012. If they can weather the storm, they may have a chance to make it work.  If Brad Womack chooses Emily Maynard, he will have to overcome the ghost of her ex boyfriend who passed away.

Astrochicks recommends Brad Womack waits on planning the wedding, no eloping to Las Vegas.  Reality Steve originally predicted that Chantal O’Brien was his fiancee, now he’s saying that Emily Maynard gets the final rose. Either way, Astrochicks wishes Brad Womack a  happily ever after. Stay tuned.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.