Married to Rock fans are dying to know, did AJ Celi and boyfriend Billy Duffy get back together. After E! left fans with a Married to Rock cliffhanger, on the season finale, we watched AJ Celi move out of Billy’s rockstar pad.  Fed up with Billy’s lack of commitment, she was a girl on a mission, and wanted a damn wedding ring on her pretty little finger. Did they go from break up to make up?

AJ Celi, born under the astrology star sign of Gemini, is a very smart girl. Smart and sexy, she’s definitely rockstar arm candy, and Billy Duffy being a stubborn Taurus, couldn’t get his head wrapped around the word “marriage.” On Married to Rock, a teary eyed AJ Celi flew to Houston to visit her boyfriend and informed him she was moving out. Poor shocked Billy was bummed that she wanted to break up. Did love conquer all?

Rumor is AJ Celi and Billy Duffy are finally engaged. In a new UK interview, AJ Celi dishes on her relationship with Billy. She says,  “Well I went into this knowing that a big part of me on the show would be the “will I” or “Won’t I” get married, and that whole like fretting through the entire show which I actually personally liked, as I said it was like therapy for me. And also, if I was going to do this I was going to do it right: I wasn’t just going to be you know like on it and run around doing nothing. It’s my life and so everybody knows, but there’s also a part of it that’s private, you know we still had things to work out, so there’s a lot in our relationship that people don’t know about and I’m not going to do a lot of over explaining, I’m just going to let it unfold. If there’s a season 2, I’m gonna let season 2 unfold exactly where we’re at in the relationship.” Well at least we know they ARE definitely back together. You can read the rest of her interview here

Astrologically, over the next two years, the stars are aligned for AJ Celi and Billy Duffy love relationship. Astrochicks predicts AJ will get her happily ever after, and will make a beautiful bride. Will they save the wedding for season 2 of Married to Rock? I sure hope so. We predict an upcoming book for AJ and possibly a new column in a popular magazine. Maybe love advice for aspiring rockstar girlfriends?  Also, I think our rocker couple will eventually move back to London, they will always have a home in LA but I see Billy longing to return to his homeland. Either way, Astrochick is happy our Gemini girl got back together with her man. Wishing them lots of love and happiness.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.