REAL HOUSEWIVES REUNION, Kim Zolciak Baby Update, Kandi Burruss Tardy Royalty!

Real Housewives of Atlanta girls ended their season with a bang. The big topic of the evening was Phaedra Parks baby and her super hot hubby, Apollo Nida. Also, why he was arrested and how much time Apollo spent in prison.

Phaedra Parks, our Scorpio girl kept it classy. She likes to take the high road when she’s dealing with the Real Housewives of Haterville. After all, she’s successful, beautiful, and she’s got a man. She confirmed to Andy Cohen, her husband Apollo was NOT on the downlow and they are very happy. Also, she’s buying a funeral home because dead people don’t complain. LOL!

For Kim Zolciak, she appears to have mellowed now that she’s found baby daddy, Kroy Biermann. Happy and pregnant, she seems to have the perfect family. Will there be a wedding?  Kim Zoliciak has her house up for sale and she’s moving in with Kroy. One step closer to a big diamond ring.

One sticking point, is Kandi Burruss and Kim’s drama over the song, “Tardy for the Pardy.” Kandi still hasn’t been paid her royalties for producing the song and giving Kim the gift of a singing career. What’s up Kim, karma is a biatch, you better pay up girl. Both Kandi and Kim are Taurus girls, money is important to our two Real Housewives of Atlanta girls. Hopefully they will work it out and continue to churn out the hits.

In the end, the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show was low key. It felt like an extended live version of the show, it just featured NeNe Leakes bitching about Kim Zolciak. Our Sagittarius girl doesn’t know when to shut up. Will NeNe return next season? Who knows, if she loves her pocketbook she better stay. Andy Cohen was subdued and I guess he’s holding his excitement for the new season of Real Housewives of Miami. Stay tuned.

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  1. Sheree is a poser through and through. Tried to downplay the fact her car was repossed. Last season she introduced her daughter as a “family friend”. She says stuff about her ex-husband out of spite because she didn’t get the 7 figures she was gunning for. Her actress dreams aren’t coming as easily as she expected and now she is trying her hand at fashion designing again? Please. As for Kim, she is a disgrace to hard working single moms every where. I feel sorry for her teenage daughters having HER as their female role model. Kim introduces them to all of the men and women she is sleeping with, teaching them that it is okay to do whatever and whoever in order to get them to take care of you. She uses people both personally and professionally. She has no morals whatsoever. I sure hope Kroy is smart enough to get himself a DNA test for that baby. I was left wondering just what his family REALLY thinks of Kim after seeing her on this show and reunions – especially her making all of those childish faces and rolling her eyes. These two women have got to go.

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