BRITNEY SPEARS Lovenest, Buys New Mansion, Bellamy Brothers Song Lawsuit!

Britney Spears has a new album ready to drop, so she thought she would celebrate by buying a new multi million dollar mansion in Hidden Hills, California with boyfriend Jason Trawick. I wonder if that was before she was facing a plagiarism lawsuit for ripping off lyrics to “Hold it Against Me.” Britney Spears writes her own songs?

Britney Spears, a bad ass Sagittarius girl, has been riding the Hollywood merry go round for awhile. Although “Daddy Dearest” still has conservatorship over her, she’s still ringing the cash register for the family and her baby daddy, Kevin Federline. I guess she was in a hurry to get “Hold it Against Me” recorded, now the uber famous Bellamy Brothers say she copied their song of the same name. Not very clever on Britney Spears part. In fact, they have lawyered up and are ready to sue the pants of off her.

Thankfully, Britney Spears can retreat to her new $12.9 million dollar home in Hidden Hills.  It’s 19,000 square feet, with 10 bedrooms, and 7 bathrooms. Dang, how many rooms does our Sagittarius girl need? You can view the fancy photos here. The horsey Hidden Hills community is home to a slew of celebs who include Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Melissa Etheridge and the heartburn inducing Kardashian/Jenner clan.

Astrologically, Britney Spears has an interesting year ahead of her. Astrochicks thinks she will settle her lawsuit with the Bellamy Brothers. For her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, he’s proud of his girl and her new album. Will wedding bells be ringing anytime soon? If Britney decides to take the plunge, we suggest she waits until 2012.  Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. You might want to check your facts as well. I live in LA and I’m familiar with the real estate market.

    The house WAS on the market or $18.9 million, with NO Buyers. Britney got a sweet deal fo $12.9 million in Hidden Hills. Britney leased the place for $25k per month and now she is buying it.

    Hold it Against Me – I wrote she writes her own songs? Big question mark. I know she doesn’t but she is responsible along with her record label for the material she records. That’s why there’s a lawsuit.

    Personally, I believe Bellamy Brothers have a case, who have a string of hits including Let Your Love flow, etc. Also, one of their daughters inspired the Guns n Roses classic, “Sweet Child of Mine.”

    Questions anyone?

  2. You guys need to get your facts right before publishing an article.

    1. She did NOT write Hold it Against Me
    2. Her house was 18.9 million
    3. You forget to point out that the Bellamy Brother’s law suit is baseless considering the fact that they admitted to taking the only similar lyrics from someone else. (by the way, the only similar lyrics are a WELL KNOWN pick up line)

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