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  1. I’m so tired of everyone acting like this girl is so classy when she’s not! This girl is nothing, but a HIGH END ESCORT ESCORT service…ala Miles Austin..These guys pay for publicity and to partake in these fake relationships until services r rendered…Please, her last real boyfriend was Reggie Bush! This chick was w/ him for 4 yrs. and never tweeted about their relationship at all or tweeted pictures…You have to goto her website to see the history of their relationship..And if she is soooo in love w/ Kris, why hasn’t she deleted Reggie’s info on her website and/or facebook page..STOP ENCOURAGING THIS FAKENESS..!Let’s be honest Kris Humphries is a mediocre athlete on the worst team in the NBA-The Nets! Someone failed to give Kim Kardashian the memo that w/ the CBA Kris will be unemployed at the end of the season..Relationship over-Kim Kardashian doesn’t take broke men seriously!!!!!!KRIS NEEDS TO PLACE THIS ENERGY IN HIS GAME! REGGIE BUSH WAS AND IS TOOOOO CLASSY 4 THIS CHICK!

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