REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Reunion, NeNe Leakes Divorce, Phaedra Parks Cat Fight!

Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion ended with a bang. NeNe Leakes had a sourpuss look on her face, shooting dirty looks at Kim Zolciak and Phaedra Parks all night long. The girls ganging up on Phaedra because she has the best looking husband in the house, next to Kim Zolciak.

Andy Cohen threw Phaedra Parks under the bus, telling her all the other Real Housewives call her Fakedra, ghetto, and her own biggest cheerleader. Personally, Astrochicks loves Phaedra Parks, she’s the ultimate Southern Belle, with her money and career. NeNe Leakes clucking all night long, “Girl I Don’t Know You.” What’s up with that? Was she trying to start a cat fight?

Lets get real, Cynthia Bailey married Peter Thomas who is broke broke broke. Phaedra Parks keeps it real, tries to be respectful to the other women, while NeNe Leakes keeps riding her like its the Kentucky Derby. Tweeting that one of her cast members on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a transvestite? Was she looking in the mirror? What’s wrong with our Sagittarius girl?

Phaedra Parks, born under the astrology star sign of Scorpio, is one mama you don’t want to mess with. Smart and sexy, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Maybe the past year has take a toll on NeNe Leakes soul. Now that she’s getting a divorce, maybe NeNe Leakes can get her happy back. Is she jealous of Phaedra Parks and her hot husband, Apollo Nida?

It was an interesting reunion show for Real Housewives. NeNe Leakes was soooooo uptight all night long, it’s safe to say she may not be back next year. Part two of the reunion is next week. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. NeNe cannot leave the show she is the reason most of us watch the show.. The only true haters of the whole show is Sheree and Kim, they are both two untalented women that envy the success of the other 3. Phaedra earned her success as well as Kandi and Cynthia and NeNe’s personality is going to take her far because she is real. Getting rid of NeNe will be a huge mistake in the success of this show. Don’t hate on Phaedra cause that’s a smart bitch and she plays her cards well. She will win as she did in the first segment of the reunion show.

  2. I like cynthia! I cant believe she is 43yrs-luking gud gal. Dont let those bitches poision your mind. You luv peter & that is all that matters. Shame on them to come to your wedding and say those trashy things. Grow up bitches. Why are you all bitches hating on Nene..she is true & says it like it is….without Nene there is no RHOA..Period. The Fakes there are Sheree & Kandi..who cant speakout openingly when they see something wrong. And Sweetie u r an be treated like that in this century. KIM..get an education before you open your mouth. You are sooooo ignorant. Poor Kroy to be stuck with you for eternity.

  3. Phadera was wrong saying that NeNe kept talking trash about Apollo. When the whole time it was Kim driving the fact that he was an ex con into the ground…. Sheree was just as angry and bitter during the earlier seasons when she was going through her divorce. Verbally assulting Kim in the resturant as well as chasing her outside and trying to pull her wig off… So what makes that acceptable?? Give NeNe some time to simmer down.. Kim is just an idiot. She has talked about each and everyone of them. And she never owns what she says…

  4. nene has no reason to be jealous of phaedra. phaedra is just a fake wanna be southern belle,fake all the way.If i’m allowed to say so I think phaedra and the other women are all jealous of nene and if nene gets dropped from the show the show will not be that interesting, she is part of the shows success. Kim has self esteem issues and as of that sweetie girl i think they deserve each other, she takes all that crap from kim for a few dollars shame on her, kim has no respect for her at all, kim said it all tonight when she said ” i dont pay her that much if she doesnt like it theres the door”. kroy or troy shame you had to get this crappy woman pregnant shame on you, you should have left it in your panties until you met the right girl, now you are stuck with this unfortunate big used up wo-man for the next 18 years of your life. I like Cynthia, i hope she stays classy dont let the other women influence you, goodluck with your marriage you seem to like him, let it bloom but dont let him use you. Nene keep aay from kim she is like gas waiting for fire to help her explode dont be part of her crap, i hope youcome back next season.

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