Nicole Kidman, who’s normally incredibly private when it comes to love, has opened up about her relationship with ex husband,  Tom Cruise. The Oscar nominated actress who married Cruise at 23, spent almost ten years with the movie star. After the marriage ended, Nicole Kidman describes her feelings of despair in a new interview.

Nicole Kidman a Gemini girl says, “I was really damaged and not sure whether that [finding love again] was ever going to happen again to me. I certainly never thought I’d have a baby at 41. But we never know what’s around the corner. I was never seeking to be a celebrity. But I was prepared to do that for love. And that is something that is hard to do. It’s hard when you’re young. But I’m ready to give up anything for love because, ultimately, that is what you have. You get so much from a relationship when it is filled with love. I knew he was a really big star, but after a while, to get to a real place in a relationship, that has to wear off. As a couple we were very private. We were not out a lot and we were very, very tight and that’s why we lasted ten years, which is a good amount of time, particularly when you get married at 23. That was a great relationship. It was great. I think it ran its course. [Now] I’m crazy in love. I think you can live anywhere and do anything when you’re crazy in love. I’m very driven by falling in love. I fall in love and I’ll drop everything and change everything.”

Fast forward to today, Nicole Kidman is married to country music superstar, Keith Urban. Lucky in love the second time around, Nicole Kidman calls her husband Keith her soulmate. Blessed with two beautiful daughters, the couple seem to have it all.

Nicole Kidman’s husband, Keith Urban, born under the astrology star sign of Scorpio, is one intense guy. Full of passion and emotions, his wifes energy keeps him grounded. Astrologically, the next year will be exciting for Nicole Kidman.  She will feel that her life is complete. In 2012, Astrochicks predicts Keith Urban may feel he’s at a standstill in his career and will crave change. I think there’s a strong chance that Nicole and Keith will decide to move back to Australia permanently to raise their two daughters and seek to focus on their family. No relationship is perfect but these two seem to have found their happily ever after. Wishing them lots of love and happiness.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.