REAL HOUSEWIVES REUNION, Andy Cohen Grills Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong Drama!

Real Housewives of Bevely Hills Reunion part two was a doozy. Kim Richards may have a drinking problem but she kept it classy this evening. Kyle Richards on the other hand, definitely needs to admit she has an anger problem. It’s obvious the two sisters love each other very much, their argument on the final was fueled by alcohol and Taylor Armstrong.

Finally, Andy Cohen called Taylor Armstrong out on the carpet about creating the blowup between Kyle Richards and her sister Kim. Lisa Vanderpump jumped on the bandwagon blaming Kim Richards addiction for making Kyle so angry. During the reunion, Kim Richards didn’t want to discuss her “issues” and wanted to keep it personal. Kyle Richards had a hard time accepting responsibility for the ugly argument and that she bullies Kim.

Andy Cohen acting as referee, put Kyle Richards in the hot seat, telling her she was domineering and controlling. Finally Kim Richards our Virgo girl, stuck up for herself and admitted her sister was harsh. Also, Kim revealed that Kyle had a similar personality to their mom, who was known for having a sharp tongue. It’s obvious, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sisters have a complicated relationship.

Astrochicks thinks Camille Grammer a Virgo girl, redeemed herself tonight. She admitted when she was wrong, laughed at her stupid comments, and stood up to Kyle Richards over nasty comments she made. In return, she apologized to Kyle a Capricorn, over her catty comments about her husband Mauricio.

Will Camille Grammer return for season two? Maybe.  TMZ reported Kim Richards probably won’t return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season. Is this Kim’s decision or is sister Kyle pushing her out? Who knows? Overall, one of our favorite seasons ever.

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  1. I hope Kim does come back, and I hope they give her more air time the putting the focus so much on Kyle. It just goes to show the sister “KIM” who truly loves her sister KYLE”, She more than likely feels it is best to allow Kyle to have her time in the spotlight, in hopes that Kyle’s resentment of Kim’s fame, will go away.

  2. i just did not see what kyle did wrong ,although she should stick up for her sister , camille ] i cant stand her , what is wrong with her face? allison was the trouble maker , her & camille had it planned , camille thinks every one is jealous of her ? for what , kelsey left her and certainly no one wants her face especially kyle , and i would like to tell this so called phycic , no one knows the day or thee hour but jesus christ himself , she had better stop collecting money for false profitsy and get a real job , she is a real jerk ,

  3. The Questionable Yentas of NYC need to step it up if they want another season…The Fabulous Housewives of Beverly Hills absolutely KILLED IT in the ratings department! Read more @imeanwhat

  4. Taylor is a trouble dissapointed you did not show more of her ALWAYs starting fights with Kim. Have no respect for Kyle anymore for not standing by her sister instead of making friends with(her sisters biggest rival) Taylor.
    Lisa the classiest one of all.

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