REAL HOUSEWIVES Reunion, Lisa Vanderpump and Cedric Catfight, Kyle Richards and Taylor Bully?

Bravo fans can’t wait to tune into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show tonight.  In one corner, we will have bully Kyle Richards versus Camille Grammer. The other corner, mean girl Taylor Armstrong versus Kim Richards.  Andy Cohen promises it to be one of the most dramatic Real Housewives reunions ever. With Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof on the sidelines,acting as the United Nations of Housewives.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans will finally get to hear the juicy details on Lisa Vanderpump heartbreaking cat fight with Cedric Martinez. The dramatic blowout, after her husband Ken Todd and her finally kicked him to the curb. Cedric left kicking and screaming, cursing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and telling them how much he hated everyone. Ken Todd tells Andy Cohen how upset he was and how much he hated ungrateful Cedric. I guess he was upset his meal ticket was taken away. Poor baby. Cedric’s a hot guy, he can find a Sugar Daddy in Hollywood. I’m surprised Cedric Martinez hasn’t sold his story to some Hollywood tabloid.

The real throwdown is between Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards. Camille calls Kyle out on the carpet, calling her a bully, and dishing out the drama. Kyle Richards snipes back that she STILL thinks Camille’s delusional, insecure, etc. Of course, all Bravo fans know now that Kyle Richards definitely has a cruel streak. Especially after watching her toss her sister Kim Richards under the bus, revealing a family secret that she has a drinking problem.

After all the media backlash and fan commentary, Kyle Richards appears to be back peddling. She’s not use to the wrath of  Real Housewives fans. Kyle’s doing damage control by telling popular magazines like People and Us Magazine that she “regrets” what she said, but sisters fight. Blah, blah…total excuses. Kyle Richards should admit what she said was a low blow, uncalled for, and apologize to Kim Richards. It was Kim’s story to tell not Kyle’s. I’m sure she has a few skeletons in the closet herself.

Andy Cohen will get to play referee, secrets will be revealed, and we will get to find out if Camille Grammer is leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or not. Stay tuned. You don’t want to miss this reunion.

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  1. Adrienne Maloof definitely should run away from this bunch of fakes, as she is the real thing. I only wish she would leave her face alone, as she has a very pretty smile and is ruining her looks. As far as Kim Richards, she too should not hang out with these barracudas. Kimm seems like she wears her heart on her sleeve and these women are not okay with sincere people. Lisa is definitely one of the more sophisticated of this group.

  2. Ugh, I like Kyle. And having alcoholics and family members with issues, I can understand where she is coming from. No man is an island and peoples actions can affect everyone around them. Watching people repeatedly make bad decisions can be very tiresome. I didnt think Camille made any progress on the reunion. I started to feel sorry for her before the reunion but her story doesnt make any sense, she cant even recall anymore what was said and her story constantly changes. She wants to label Kyle as a bully but she hasnt really bullies Camille at all. She just stands up for herself and doesnt sugar coat everything. Obviously when women are strong and have an opinion, they are seen as b*tches. Its unfortunate. Even Camille finally realized how important female relationships are after her divorce. She is 40 something and should have realized that by now. Women who turn to men for relationships, self esteem and self worth typically do not get along well with other women because they are intimidated, threatened and feel the need to compete with them. As so in Camille situation where she admits that she normally gets along with men better. She claims women are caddy towards her but she instigates the caddiness and manipulates the situation to make her the victim. I feel bad for her divorce but she needs to own up and realized the show wasnt over edited, that how she actually acted.

  3. I TOTALLY agree with whoever writes this blog.

    Kyle is reaping what she’s sown, it’s as simple as that. She’s always acting out like a bratty child. I think she’s making herself an object of ridicule with her arrogant, hair tossing, over inflated ego. It’s her OWN malice that’s being reflected back to her. She was clearly on a power trip throughout filming this series.

    So let’s get those violins ready for Reunion Part 2. I think Kyle is about to give us another teary, “I’m a saint and a martyr” performance. This may be the comedy portion of it all.

    But in fairness, if she apologizes to Kim for her betrayals and admits her own wrongdoing, well, that would be the beginning of a different and better story.

  4. Adrienned Maloof and Kim Richards are the only kind sincere normal women on that horrible backstabbing show. I won’t watch anymore, it makes me sick to see people behave treat others so badly.

  5. I have loved Kim from the start, even though I sometimes thought she might have some issues that could be sorted through and addressed better. Whenever Kyle was mean to her in the early episodes, it bugged me. When Taylor began attacking her, it bugged me more. Now it’s more clear, and while I admire Kyle’s style and determination, I wish she could be a little nicer to her sister. And drop Taylor. Taylor is just a mean, mean person.

  6. I completely disagree. Camille Grammer is passive agressive to the 10th Degree. She makes ugly comments then bats her eyes and giggles and waits for the fallout. She completely setup Kyle when she invited her over 4 dinner then plied DuBouse with alcohol knowing she’d attack. Who acts like that when they invite someone to their home?

    Camille is a perfect example of, “money doesn’t buy class.”

  7. I completely disagree. Camille Grammer is passive agressive to the 10th Degree. She makes ugly comments then bats her eyes and giggles and waits for the fallout. She completely setup Kyle when she invited her over 4 dinner then plied DuBouse with alcohol knowing she’d attack.

  8. I totally agree with Diane. Lisa V. joined Kyle’s bully posse and it wasn’t her most attractive moment. Kyle seems to have had a real hold over the group. The exception was Adrienne Maloof, who behaved with kindess and real integrity. I admire her immensely.

    I heard that there’s a video circulating of Taylor and Kyle out on the town drinking, and Taylor is so drunk she’s falling down. I haven’t seen it so don’t know if it’s true. If it is, well, they’ll both have to carry Hypocrite Flags as well as Bully Flags.

  9. I dont understand why it took so long for people to figure out that Kyle is a BULLY. It’s crystal clear she has huge anger problems. Could it be that she has been envious of Kim for a very long time? Get help Kyle, you really need it. Taylor is a phoney. Hence, “her” charity preaching non-violence doesnt go hand-in-hand with the “Oklahoma” statement & pointing her finger at Kim with narrowed eyes.Least we not forget liar, shit stirrer and gold-digger! Although Lisa wants to give off appearances of being the “nice” one, she has made some very cutting remarks that shows otherwise. ANDY DO SOMETHING! MAKE THEM AS UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THEIR ACTIONS AS YOU HAVE WITH CAMILLE AND KIM! Kyle can be “catty” and Taylor can “mis-speak” (their words on the reunion) and get away with it?

  10. I’m glad Camille Grammer stood up to Kyle and called her out for what she is — A Bully! Camille has taken ALL the heat for the Kyle drama as it first unfolded. But it’s clear now that Kyle is capable of very malicious attacks; we’ve seen her repeatedly do this to her own sister.

    Camille admitted regret and apologized for her mistakes. I can admire her for this, and can now see that she’s human, not a villian. She can be ditzy but I don’t think she has a diabolical bone in her body. Kyle is another matter. What a creep. She’s the Most Hated Housewife ever in my circle.

  11. I think Taylor is a phony and a gold digger. It’s clear that She only married her husband for money. Kyle is dullisional to think that Taylor is intersted in her. She only wants to further herself in the group and definatly is a liar and trouble maker

  12. I’m glad people are finally seeing Kyle and Taylor’s real colors. Kyle gave Kim such a hard for not supporting her in the argument with Camille, yet she allows Taylor to attack Kim relentlessly. By the end of the show I have really come to dislike both Kyle and Taylor… even more so than Camille. I hope Andy will not hesitate to ask tough questions and call them out on their behavior.

  13. I really don’t like Taylor. She preaches peace and anti violence but attacks Kim knowing she is not a fair fight… Kim has so much trouble communicating during a confrontation and Taylor uses that weakness to her own advantage. Its really unappealing to watch Taylor act so rude, so mean and so caddy. Especially since she considers kim’s sister (Kyle) a good friends whom she relies on for support during her own personal problems (ie bad marriage).

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