KYLE RICHARDS Most Hated Real Housewive, Kim Richards Reunion, Camille Grammer Drama!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are gearing up for ultimate Botox smackdown between Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer. The mother of all Bravo reunions will unfold this Thursday night. Kyle Richards will be put in the hot seat over her scathing remarks to older sister Kim Richards. Calling her delusional and alcoholic on national television and prompting Kim Richards to enter rehab after the finale. What no therapy for Kyle Richards? Maybe a quick phone call with Dr. Drew to discuss why she’s the most hated housewife.  Even Kyle Richards BFF Lisa Vanderpump, said the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion was a complete disaster.

In the PR nightmare aftermath, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale, was a disaster for Kyle Richards. In the beginning of the season Kyle enjoyed the “most popular” housewife status, leaving poor Camille Grammer out in the cold. Of course as the season wore on, fans got to see the REAL Kyle Richards in action, who as a serious case of the “mean girl” syndrome. Who knew Capricorn girls could be so bitchy.

For Kim Richards, born under the sign of Virgo, she’s hard not to love.  Insecure and obsessive, she’s a good girl at heart, just a little lost and suffering from empty nest syndrome. After the finale, shocked Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans came out in full force to support Team Kim. They were outraged, after her sister Kyle Richards cruelly bullied Kim all season long. Tempers exploded on the grand finale, when all the girls ganged up on Kim Richards, sending her to the limo crying. Adrienne Maloof and Martin her Knight in Shining Armor came to the rescue with a hug and a cocktail.

It’s fair to say, Kyle Richards is the “most hated” Beverly Hills Housewife at the moment. That girl needs some serious anger management therapy or a valium to calm her butt down. Lisa Vanderpump posted on her blog,  “I know that this family ultimately loves each other, but like so many others there are instances when things accelerate into a rapid decline. Then you then have to draw upon the strength and bond that is so resolute, and will hopefully see them through.”

Astrochicks thinks it will be interesting to see how the Beverly Hills reunion will play out this week. Will Andy Cohen get Kim Richards to admit she has a drinking problem? Will Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer kiss and makeup? Will Taylor Armstrong pit one girl against another? Will Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof calmly sit on the sidelines watching the circus unfold? Most DRAMATIC REUNION ever! Don’t miss it on Bravo this Thursday. Click here for a sneak preview. Astrochicks predicts a Kim Richards memoir coming soon. Stay tuned!

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. It is clear that Kim has a drinking problem…after all she went into rehab
    Kyle should NEVER have invited her sister on Housewives unless she intended to watch her back
    Taylor is pathetic…she went after Kim from the get-go Its a shame kyle was more interested in playing up to Taylor(who likes to pitt one girl against the other) than watching her sisters back
    Lisa is a DOLL…love her humor and honesty
    Camille is such a phony
    Adrienne is boring
    Kim is a sad shy over the hill actor who can not hold her own with this group

  2. Are you seriously using the TMZ footage as “proof” that Kim has a substance abuse problem? What a joke. She speaks clearly, walks without stumbling or staggering and takes a pill out of a prescription bottle that could be an anti-biotic for all you know.
    As to her memory…she seems the only one in this bundle of Botox bimbo’s that remembers anything clearly.

    And since all we have are episodes from the show to make any kind of assumptions about their relationship, it’s been Kim cleaning up Kyle’s messes, or at least catering to her whining ass. “Kim where are you ..I’m having a B-day party and my grown ass kids and hubby can’t do anything …you have to get over here right now. Who cares that your moving house to day. I need you.” “Kim: Camille is picking on me you don’t have my back waa waa…
    Kyle makes me want to vomit.

  3. Kathy put the house in Kyle name because kim is an unstable alcoholic and drug abuser (haven’t you seen the airport footage on TMZ?). When you give money to people like that, they blow on more drugs and booze. I feel for kyle constantly having to clean up kims messes. No you didn’t see kim falling down drunk but I bet you she doesn’t remember most of what she said that night of the limo ride. Functioning alcoholic. With blackouts. I guarantee it

  4. Well, h—, you girls are just keeping it real, because after all, this is “supposed” to be a “reality show”. These low brow and offensive fakers must be an example of what Beverly Hills is really like. It is all gilt and no gold. The only real “Beverly Hills” housewife I can recall is Zsa Zsa for when she slapped that cop’s face that time. Let’s get some BH Housewives with integrity on a show. I nominate Zsa Zsa for one. Who else?

  5. Astrochicks received a “gossip tip” about a month ago that Kim went into rehab. I posted it and then I received a “legal request” to remove the article a few hours later. Fast forward to the finale and what we originally printed was true.

    I really wish Kim Richards the best. If she does have an addiction, she holds it together well. She’s no David Hassellhoff.

  6. We have no proof that Kim is an alcoholic other than Kyle’s vicious accusation. The cameras are on constantly and we never saw Kim’s drunk nor were there any media reporting of it. Sad that Kyle doesn’t think of the harm her accusation has on Kim’s minor children. What everyone know are the following: As a child, she supported the entire family. Kim’s earnings paid for the houses, cars and also provided her sisters an entrance into the acting world. Kim never got to attend school like all the other children her age. And when her mother called to inform her that she had cancer, Kim relocated her entire family (four children) to another state in order to take care of her mother. And the truly sad part is that after her mother died, she discovered the houses and cars that Kim’s salary paid for were given to others. Guess whose name that was?

    Kathy Fenton (Kim’s mother) talks about her cancer. Start the clip at 4:22 to go directly to Kim’s interview

    Further, there’s a lot of chatter about the financial scams Taylor Armstrong’s husband is involved in. See link below.

  7. I said it over and over on these blogs that I believed Camille. I believed her because the accounts were too far apart. You could believe Camile was crazy or you could believe that Kyle was a very mean, spiteful and jealous person. We now see that she has some very deep issues. I am so glad people are now seeing Kyle for what she is.

  8. Acknowledge and understand your pain, but these millionairesses have plenty of money for therapy. We saw Kyle, instead, go to a fortune teller. Anything to avoid confronting her own issues and instead constantly harping on Kim’s. Their reality is not our reality. They have the dinero to fix themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually, but when you have no conscience you don’t think you need to fix the inner you. Their relationship is complex but who cares anymore once Kyle announced Kim’s alleged substance abuse on cable television. What about Kim’s minor age children? I wouldn’t want to be the laughing stock at school because now every one knows my Mother is an alleged “alcoholic”. Is this something they agreed to in their Bravo contract? For money? Then I again blame that whack job Mr. “Andy” who will do anything for ratings, including undermining a female cast member’s right to privacy and confidentiality about their medical condition. He sure is getting a lot of press for his shocking final episode. Mr. “Andy”, is. Hate women much, Mr. Andy? Eeeeewwwww!

  9. i grew up with a closet alcoholic mother and dealing with that the majority of my life made me have extreme resentment and anger towards her. especially the nights she was drunk i would lose all control of my normal calm, friendly self and spin off into an anger yelling fit. it was like i was a completely different person… long story short having an alcoholic in the family is much more of an emotional roller coaster than anyone can imagine so everyone needs to lay off kyle a little bit for losing it on kim

  10. Kim lost her house because it was in her mom’s name and she left it to Kyle. Kim paid for the house with her acting money. Granted Kim has problems but I never saw her falling down drunk, abusive, swearing, anything. On the other hand, our “sober” ladies were dropping the f bombs left and right, were completely obnoxious.

    Astrochicks predicts “more secrets” to be revealed about some of the other wives. I think Miss TA has some stuff hidden in her closet.

  11. It is typical for bullies to constantly justify their agliness. Nothing in the world should be justifying
    attacks on your sister. If she has a problem and you are dealing with it behind the scenes, then sit and talk to her…but calling her names, embaracing her, attacking her, blaming her, abusing her has no justifications. Period.
    Kyle thinks it is ok to be angry and push her sister around any chance she has…in front of millions to watch.
    Kyle, you are an abuser…and probably spilling your attacks on your family as well. I have no doubt about it.
    Kyle is too eager to please her friends at Kim’s expence. She assumes that putting durt on Kim’s head is a way to earch applause from her friends. She is trying to distance herself from Kim avery chanse she get as if to say ‘ I aknow Kim is embaracing’…any chance Kyle has to point to Kims shortcommins is utilised. typical behavious of jelous,
    mean-spirited, resenfull bully. Kyle, you will earn some respect by admitiing without excuses that you realy hate your sister. You constantly akt as if you wished she was gone from your life. You poke at her, say lies about her (she was not drunk on last episode), you constantly watching her and jump on attaking mode any chance that is presented to you. Not once did you prase her. You need help

  12. I’m totally confused here…How could anyone be defending Camille or Kim? It is very clear that Camille was delusional, and now just humiliated and bitter about the show and its aftermath. Yes, I feel sorry about the divorce blind-side, but seriously – she was a mess and behaved deplorably.

    As for Kim, she’s just a sad alcoholic. She lost her house because of her alcoholism. Alcoholics (without treatment) spend a lifetime blaming others for their problems. It is only with counseling and rehab that they are able to take responsibility for their OWN poor choices (and presumably make better ones). Similar to poor Ted the “Golden Voice,” it was NOT wise for Kim to thrust herself into the back into the spotlight when she still has so many issues regarding substance abuse. Filming the show was a bad move without treatment…

  13. Thanks for posting that, Kelly. That’s what I mean. I don’t waste my time being concerned about these skanks – reality show, my a–. Their “reality” isn’t even “reality”. Look at the youtube. Their “reality” is making bucks off folks who innocently think they are “real”. When they had the riots in L.A., when was that – 10 years ago? The spill over came real close to BH. Next time BH’s luck may run out. Just sayin….

  14. Ha!Ha!Ha! Empathy for “Kyle”? None of them deserve our “empathy”. They are jaded, self absorbed whack jobs worth millions. Why they wanted to put their plastic a– faces on cable for the rest of the world to see how loathesome, double dealing and skanky they really are, I can only speculate. They appear to be sociopaths with no conscience – they do not give a damn if you are at home and about to be foreclosed on, waiting for your unemployment check, and the cable could be turned off any hour. You know what? You are better than they are. Would you throw your sister under the bus on public television, and if it was not your sister, would you sit there behind your plastic frozen face, and go “now, now girls, get along”. Like Adrienne deserves a friggin’ Emmy or something. Someone is delusional all right, and it is Mr. Andy who thinks all American women hate women and enjoy seeing weaker women being trashed. No, I would enjoy seeing him on “Bully Beat-down”, since he is a behind the scenes covert bully. I would like to see him get in the cage with a martial arts fighter. I picture him in a diaper. Oh, I know, Octomom is in to S&M now; maybe she can come over and give him his bully beat down. You know you’re into it, Mr. Andy. Eeewww!

  15. I’m delusional, are you Kyle’s BFF? How dare I judge her? I’m a moron. Maybe Kyle should go to Alanon and practice a 12 step program. Her anger is over the top and I’m very familiar with addicts behavior. It’s a disease and throwing your sister under the bus on TV is not healthy.

  16. Kyle,,,ya did wrong!
    Kyle,,you are abusive and controlling. You are very very very very very very very very very very very JEALOUS of your sister, Kim.
    Taylor,,your a mess.
    Camille,,your a mess.

    Kim,,,you are sweet and wonderful, America loves you!
    We always have and we always will!

    Kyle,,get into therapy fast,,everybody will be on your side, if you try to help yourself, and your sister.
    You have to be completely honest in therapy in order to receive help.

  17. whoever wrote this article is as delusional as Camille. Its not fair to judge Kyle unless you have had constantly take care of and deal with the antics of an alcoholic for 10 years. anyone would have a breaking point. she happened to have hers on camera as anyone would. how dare u judge her. what a moron

  18. That’s so sad, no wonder Kim told Kyle you stole my house. Kyle was yelling shut up shut up. Mauricio may be helping Kim but she deserves it. It appears Kyle has never worked for anything she has and it’s all been handed to her. I really don’t like Kyle or Taylor very much, serious mean girls.

  19. I truly feel for Kim. As a child, she supported the entire family. Kim’s earnings paid for the houses, cars and also provided her sisters an entrance into the acting world. Kim never got to attend school like all the other children her age. And when her mother called to inform her that she had cancer, Kim relocated her entire family (four children) to another state in order to take care of her mother. And the truly sad part is that after her mother died, she discovered the houses and cars that Kim’s salary paid were given to others. Guess whose name that was?

    Kathy Fenton (Kim’s mother) talks about her cancer. Start the clip at 4:22 to go directly to Kim’s interview

  20. We’re in total agreement with Astrochicks on this one. After watching how malicious Kyle can be, we think that Camille is probably not a liar, or delusional, about Kyle’s behavior towards her. On other things, Camille will have to answer for herself though.

    We grew to kinda love Kim as the show progressed and that’s never happened before (watching these stupid shows.) Hope she gets whatever help she needs and walks away from her sister Kyles abusive “love”. we also hope Kim gets a real job offer and gets back to acting, which she does so well. And hope she meets a nice guy… Best Wishes Kim!

  21. After that episode it’s easy to believe Camille was telling the truth. I think Camille just needed to stay quiet and let Kyle hang herself and she did. We saw what she is capable of. If you can treat your sister the way she did, it’s pretty easy to see she could be as mean or meaner to someone she doesn’t like.

  22. Think about it. If you won a weekend from Bravo to have a makeover and run around with any of these malicious and back biting House-Scags for 48 hours, who would you choose to hang with? Kyle – oh yeah, so sincere! Kim – too out there, Lisa – too old Adrienne – too short Taylor – too over bearing – Guess that leaves my choice – Camille. I like a straight forward beatch with a brain and an opinion.

    Why should Camille resign from the show? Have the rest of them resign and replace them with real people with blood running through their veins instead of these skid row porn-shop blow up dolls! Andy Cohen – Eeewwww!

  23. Totally team Camille re: Kyle now.

    Especially possible because that conversation took place AFTER Vegas and Camille dancing provocatively and Mauricio taking too much interest so Kyle immediately came over and danced ‘sexily’ with Mauricio.

    Funny Taylor has kissed Mauricio on the lips and Kyle didn’t say anything…saw it on a video clip but in her talking head segment she takes a swipe at Camille for doing the same thing.

    Taylor totally lied to Lisa about what happened with Kim. Taylor just may be in a close tie for most hated house wife.

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