BACHELOR BRAD WOMACK, Emily Maynard Crush, Chris Harrison Bromance!

Bachelor Brad Womack, sent three more weeping beauties packing tonight. Mesmerized by single mom Emily Maynard, Brad Womack’s other favorite girlfriend and possible future wife is Chantal.The only problem is our Seattle girl is way emotional and insecure. What Bachelor fans didn’t see, was how upset the other girls were by Emily Maynard’s story of losing her boyfriend in a tragic plane crash.

“We showed a little of the emotion … [on the Bachelor show, but] it actually spilled over for hours,” host Chris Harrison told Ryan Seacrest Tuesday on his KIIS-FM radio show. “Literally the rest of the day girls were crying. It really just destroyed the house. These girls were torn apart by this story,” People magazine revealed.

Although Brad Womack is smitten with Emily Maynard, (Bachelor Spoiler Alert) Reality Steve says the final rose will go to emotional wreck Chantal O’Brien.  The other rumor, Emily Maynard’s tear jerker story is paving the way for her to become the next Bachelorette. Will she accept? It’s going to be hard to find a guy who can compete with her former boyfriend, Nascar racer Ricky Hendrick.

What was most funny about Chris Harrison’s interview with Ryan Seacrest is their discussion on how “hot” Brad Womack was. That he wasn’t a pretty boy but a “man’s man.” Geez, sounds like a serious bromance going on for our Scorpio boy. Astrochick is having a hard time getting into this season. A recycled Bachelor who needs constant therapy, not that sexy.

For Emily Maynard, she’s DEFINITELY a Bachelorette I would watch. Astrologically, were not so sure Brad Womack’s engagement to Chantal will lead to an actual wedding. He still needs lots of therapy and maybe he’s just one of those die hard Bachelors. Stay tuned.

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  1. Eurgh. Just a smidgen of research would have gotten the spellings right for you.

    It was Ricky Hendrick. Not Rick Hendricks. And, at the time of his death, he was no longer racing. He owned, and operated, a Nationwide and Sprint Cup team with his father (Rick Hendrick).

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