Bachelor Brad Womack appears serious about finding love this season. Since the cats already out of the bag, warning a Bachelor Spoiler alert, Reality Steve has revealed Brad chose Chantal O”Brien to be his bride. Whether or not there will be a wedding for Brad Womack and Chantal is yet to be seen. What fans really want to know is what all those hot single Bachelor and Bachelorettes are now? Did they find love, fame, or fortune? Will they get a second chance at love and $250k on Bachelor Pad 2?

What’s most fun about the Mike Fleiss franchise, is that more Bachelor and Bachelorettes have found love with each other AFTER the show. Jesse Csincsak, a former Bachelorette winner, found love with Ann Lueders after he split with Deanna Pappas. Fast forward two years later, Jesse’s happily married to Ann and expecting his first child any day now.

The big casting question is who will ABC pick for Bachelor Pad 2 this season?  They need to create a show that has drama, romance, and sexual chemistry to make Bachelor Pad 2 a success. Who is rumored to appear next season? Will Bachelor Pad 1 winner David “Man Code” Good make another appearance? It’s rumored David may have his eye on sexy single mom, Emily Maynard. Of course if she’s picked as the next Bachelorette, our pretty little blond will be off the market. Sorry David…the stars aren’t aligned for you.

Other potential Bachelor Pad 2 contestants include Kasey Kahl. That could be some cheesy good fun. Kasey was the guy who promised to guard and protect Ali’s heart on her season of “The Bachelorette.” Then, he proved it by getting a huge tattoo on his wrist. Who would be a good match for Kasey Kahl? According to Jesse Csincsak, Meghan seems to have a bit of a “wow” factor in her blood, and you know that Kasey does (that tattoo was a huge deal!) These two might get together and just do some crazy stuff. Maybe Meghan will get a pink tattoo with Kasey’s name on it. And if they coupled up and made it to the end, he might promise to “Guard and Protect her Cash.” Hopefully, Kasey will skip the singing.

Astrochicks predicts the new season of Bachelor Pad 2 is going to have more drama and intrigue then Kim Kardashian’s love life. Click here to find out who else ABC is considering casting for Bachelor Pad 2. Vienna Girardi has my vote.

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