REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, NeNe Leakes Jealous Rage, Kim Zolciak Drama!

Real Housewives of Atlanta dialed up the drama tonight, with Kim Zolicak and NeNe Leakes drunk on hateorade. Is NeNe jealous of Kim Zolciak’s singing career? Granted Kim’s not much of a songstress but she’s definitely a pop culture icon. I think NeNe Leakes pending divorce has taken an emotional toll on her.  I love NeNe but she seriously needs to get her anger under control.

NeNe Leakes a loud mouth Sagittarius, disses Kim Zolciak’s friend Thomas Kramer who was gracious enough to let the girls stay at his mansion. NeNe was out of control and Kim thought she was being disrespectful. Girl get a grip.

 NeNe Leakes other BFF, the runaway bride Cynthia Baily, decided to have a pity party at her Bachelorette party. Concerned her future husband Peter Thomas is broke, she’s not sure if she should go through with the wedding. You think?

Thankfully,  the other girls were nicer to the eccentric millionaire and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Phaedra and the girls were wondering if Thomas was another one of Kim Zolciak’s Big Poppas. A girl can never have too many sugar daddies, he definitely was good looking and our Taurus girl Kim, loves the good life.

Word on the street is NeNe Leakes may not return for another season, she’s exploring more TV reporting and talk show opportunities. Our Sagittarius girl is appearing on the new Celebrity Apprentice and may have a development deal with Donald Trump. Is he trying to make NeNe Leakes his next Omarosa? Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. I love NeNe. She makes the show. She tells the truth. Who need a bunch of fake acting people on the show? If anyone should leave it’s Sweety, Kim’s shadow.

  2. yes NeNe did go overboard, but Kim is still a LOSER. I mean really, you can’t sing and you sleep with mean to stay flossed up, but there again I guess it ain’t tricking if you got it…right. NeNe keeps it real, she does have anger management problems, but why in god’s name should everyone pretend that Kim can sing or is worthy of a freak tour bus? I mean really?

  3. NeNe is a mess, her pending divorce has nothing to do withher ignorance.. she was alwys and always be a hoodrat. If she leaves Atlanta Housewives.. good riddance there is a loud mouth weave wearing fake two faced jealous hearted shuck and jive fo rthe camera bafoon on every othre corner in the ghetto. But you are not going to find to many Kim Zolziacs out there.

  4. NeNe acts as if she sustained a head injury agitated ,impulsive and inappropriate. There are medications or even shock therapy(lol) that may be able to cure her. She is seriously SICK it is not funny or amusing to see a 40 something women behave so poorly.

  5. OMG NeNe is a disgrace to our community. She’s gives us a bad name and I’m embarrassed and I hope no one thinks ATL chicks all act like that. Only the ghetto skank attention whores who would actually put their business on TV for America to see would do!!! hahaha

  6. You have definitely set the bar back 70 years with this ridiculous action. You are blacker than black and a total embarassment to black women. You stooped down to the lowest level. I think you took out your jealousy as well as your anger about your divource out on Kim unnecessarily. The SHAME is on YOU!

  7. Let’s keep it real, Nene is a real biatch & Kim is not! She cannot sing & is making a fool of herself! I give Nene props for telling that fool how it is & what her other so called frenz shoud’ve said! The truth hurts! I love Nene! I hope she returns otherwise they can drop the word ‘real’ from the title!

  8. NeNe is boiling over with jealousy and is so ghetto after last night I will not watch the show unless she is off.

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