EVA LONGORIA Divorce Update, Tony Parker Marriage Tattoo, Beso Lawsuit!

Eva Longoria divorce to NBA star Tony Parker, should be finalized soon. After her husband broke her heart by cheating with another teammates wife, Erin Barry, our Desperate Housewive is trying to bounce back. What about her marriage tattoo, will Eva Longoria have it removed?

Eva Longoria’s tattoo in Roman Numerals is the date of her wedding day which was July 7th, 2007. She got the stunning body art after she wed the 28-year-old basketball player, Tony Parker. Poor girl, I guess the stars weren’t aligned for their love.  The Pisces girl, Eva Longoria recently said,” Just so everyone knows I still have all my tattoos! Nothing is being removed, although I am always up for more tattoos.”

Astrologically, Eva Longoria has a bumpy year ahead of her. Facing a divoce and a lawsuit over her failed restaurant Beso, our Pisces girl has a lot of drama to deal with. Keeping it classy, Eva will stay focused and look toward the future. Astrochicks predicts a new love for her in 2012, which could lead to a marriage that will last a lifetime. Lets hope she chooses a husband who’s happy to be behind the scenes, no more athletes. Stay tuned.

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  1. Erin Barry’s life has changed…dramatically! She is Tony Parker’s alleged mistress and Eva Longoria’s friend. Her shocking choices have put everything she stood for in shambles. Her marriage failed, family humiliated, and friends alienated. Erin Barry is now being called a home wrecker. Her enviable reputation questioned and sullied.

    Erin Barry: Tony Parker’s Other
    A Tragic Story of Contradictions, Hypocrisy and More

    An Inspiring Background

    Erin Barry attended an all-girls Catholic school. At 16 years old she knew that Brent Barry, the soon-to-be respected pro basketballer, was the one she “wanted to be with. That was it.”

    A few years ago she said: “he (Brent Barry) still makes me laugh, and he makes me feel special; it’s never about him. After all these years, he’s my best friend. I want to be with him all the time. People always talk about how hard marriage is, and I’m asking myself, ‘Is it me? Is there something I’m not doing right?’ Because for me, being married to Brent isn’t hard at all!” Erin was just content to be Brent’s wife.

    Born to a single, teenage mother, a couple adopted her and that became her defining moment and set the course for her life. After several stops as she joined her husband in changing professional basketball teams, they landed in San Antonio Texas, where she began her charity activism in earnest.

    Erin Barry’s resume reflected impressive charitable activity. Her website said that she joined the executive committee of the Blue Ribbon Task Force. Barry was appointed to the Bexar County Child Welfare Board and she was on the steering committee for the Heart Gallery of San Antonio, which puts the faces and stories of kids waiting for adoption in front of the community.

    She also understood that when the name of a pro athlete is attached to a cause, people tend to pay more attention, which is why she’s enlisted her husband’s help in her community initiatives. “He’s (Brent) great about it. I need to do all I can now to get him out there to as many events as possible while people still recognize his name.” Brent was the honorary chairman of the Blue Ribbon Task Force. According to several accounts, the Barrys had legendary status in San Antonio charity circles.

    All has changed, dramatically! Her life choices have put everything she stood for in shambles. Her marriage failed, family humiliated, and friends alienated. Erin Barry is now being called a home wrecker. Her enviable reputation questioned and sullied.

    The Contradiction: She appears to be the Other Woman

    Erin Barry is now known as the woman who’s been blamed for the divorce between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, Brent Barry’s San Antonio Spurs former teammate. In a shocking sexting scandal that rocked this couple, Erin was ostensibly the third party. Multitude sources said that Eva Longoria discovered that her husband was cheating when she found hundreds of text messages—just one month’s worth—on his phone. All were said to be to and from Erin. Eva was horrified that the cheating took place with a close friend.

    Some suggest that racy texting is solely emotional infidelity. Several published articles said that when her former good friend Eva Longoria confronted Erin at the San Antonio Airport, she admitted that it was strictly an emotional affair. Numerous publications noted that her texts to Tony were more than an emotional affair as Eva apparently found naked photos of Erin and Tony. Multiple outlets have suggested that Erin reportedly had emailed pictures of her breasts and other body parts to Tony and he’d sent her cell phone shots of his private body parts. Experts suggest that, in many ways, emotional infidelity is more devastating to a marriage or relationship than sexual infidelity, because it’s a serious betrayal, and a major breach of trust. Several experts say that emotional infidelity frequently progresses to sexual infidelity. Despite denials, excessive flirting or a physical relationship is clearly inappropriate conduct for a wife, a mother of two young children, or a friend.

    “I’ve created a place where we’re happy to be home,” Erin told San Antonio Woman a few years ago. But things have changed with at least one alleged affaire de coeur now public. Just weeks before the alleged Erin-Tony affair was exposed, on October 29, Erin’s husband Brent filed for divorce from Erin. In his filings the Barrys have “ceased to live together as husband and wife,” and he also cites the cause as irreconcilable differences. On January 5, Brent and Erin’s 13-year-marriage legally came to an end.

    The Parkers were reportedly good friends with the Barrys, so it seems more than just a coincidence that both couples are now breaking up. Two trashed marriages as well as many trashed friendships.

    Hypocrisy: Erin’s Pleadings

    Two weeks after the news broke about her being at the center of the marriage breakdown, Erin Barry denied on her website that she had an affair with Tony Parker and stated that she did not ‘pursue’ him. She emphatically stated that these are the things that are of utmost importance to her:

    • being the best Mom possible for her 2 children (more about this later)
    • being an advocate for abused children (a lot more about this later)
    • being a law student/studying for her law degree

    She said she was too busy with her “children and law school studies” to be dealing with such ludicrous claims presented in the media. In her lengthy denial she avoided saying anything about her supposed sextexing, her disloyalty to Brent–her husband or her betrayal of Eve Longoria–a woman who was supposed to be a good friend. She expressed no remorse. Her website denial was met with responses overwhelmingly criticizing her for being self-righteous and arrogant. She quickly took down her posting. The entire charity website was shut down soon thereafter.

    Erin’s fellow students and charity employees shared similar comments about her comportment on various websites and blogs.

    In an article, Erin described her lifestyle as “understated, in relation to the material excess that is associated with the lives of so many professional athletes.” She said, “Excess doesn’t make you feel better”. But that does not meet with her reality. In actuality, based on public sources, she lives in houses that are estimated to be worth many millions of dollars.

    The Deceit: Her Résumé

    When looking at Erin Barry’s long-standing website one would think that she is actively involved in charitable work. But much of the website seemed to be inaccurate as did her biography for an October 2010 keynote speech (http://www.diamondsintheroughgala.com/). Both alleged that she presently served as Community Liaison for the Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s Office and that she served on the Blue Ribbon Task Force on child abuse. Records from the District Attorney’s office indicate that Erin Barry was not in that position at the time; more importantly, several sources say that they know of no such position. Previously, she was in a part time position for a brief period of time. While the State bill creates a nine-member Blue Ribbon Task Force on child abuse, according to press accounts, Erin Barry was not a member. There is no evidence on the Task Force website of her involvement in any active role. Her website further stated that she was the recipient of the Texas National Association of Social Workers Public Citizen of the Year-2010 award. The Association’s staff did not know who Erin Barry is and its website has a different person as its recipient of that award.

    “Fudging on credentials is form of cheating and, in many instances, is a window to a person’s lifestyle,” says Gary Snyder, former national recruiter, award-winning trainer and author of several articles on the importance of verifying resumes.

    Now that Erin Barry has a tarnished reputation and is divorced from her husband (and his cachet), the Barry name has taken a different meaning in the charitable world. In a recent Internet search, Erin Barry’s name seems to be not actively associated with a charitable organization. She is no longer a member of the Bexar County Child Welfare Board, not on the steering committee for the Heart Gallery of San Antonio, and her main stage, the Barry’s Blue Ribbon Assist, no longer exists as a charity operating under the Spurs Foundation, according to Foundation staff. With the closing of her website, Erin’s advocacy for abused children, which she says is important to her, has virtually no platform for support.

    The Consequences of Her Choices

    In a prophetic article in Your Health magazine, she cautions children to make good choices because “those decisions will affect the rest of their life.” All the recognition that Erin Barry has received as a child advocate (some of which seems to be fabricated) may be forever overshadowed with less flattering awards as a result of her recent choices. Just a few examples:

    Celebrity Mistress of the Year: Capri Anderson, the porn star/stripper/escort of Charlie Sheen’s and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the tattoo model and stripper that broke up Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, just beat out Erin Barry as mistress of the year.
    Top 10 Celebrity Divorces in 2010: Tony Parker’s supposed mistress Erin Barry denied having an affair with Parker, Longoria’s …friend is not only a home wrecker, but a lousy liar as well.
    The Top Ten Shocking Splits: Through her efforts, Erin Barry was catapulted to the top.
    Worst Celebrity Behavior: When Tony revealed to Eva Longoria that he was exchanging inappropriate texts with the wife of former teammate Erin Barry, there were two divorces—the Barrys and the Parkers.
    Most Insane Sports Stories of 2010: When revealed by Tony that had cheated on Eva …the bombshell dropped when it was discovered the woman that got between Tony and Eva was actually Erin Barry, wife of Parker’s former teammate, Brent Barry, Eva filed for divorce.
    The Biggest Celebrity Breakup: Voted in the top 5; Eva filed for divorce from Tony in November after alleging that he’d had an emotional affair via text.
    The Worst Sports Moment in 2010: Included in the top. Tony Parker: Allegedly cheated on actress wife Eva Longoria with Erin Barry, a common friend and wife of his ex-teammate Brent Barry.
    Biggest Celebrity Douche bags of 2010: Among the top. The story finally came out that Parker exchanged naughty texts with fellow basketball player Brent Barry’s wife.

    The Fallout From Hypocrisy, Contradictions, Deceit…More

    So what happened to Erin Marie Barry from becoming a leader in the San Antonio charity world to being known as Tony Parker’s alleged mistress and the destroyer of a marriage? It is puzzling. It is hard to understand why Erin would jeopardize or hurt relationships with those closest to her. For example:

    • NBA wives (not the least of which is Eva Longoria) are furious that she abandon the sanctity of the sisterhood; “a wife should not fool around with another player”
    • The Wroblewski name—the very family that adopted her
    • The Barry name: “horrible”, “devastated” are some of the words attributed to Rick Barry, Erin’s former father-in-law and basketball Hall-of-Famer, when he found out about her involvement with Tony Parker.
    • The charities with which she was associated have seemingly no relationship with her.
    • While getting into a compromising relationship with a team member of the San Antonio Spurs, she upset an organization that prided itself in having a clean reputation; a place where her former husband gained two championship rings and gave her a fabulous life style—all of which enabled her to do her charity work. Ironically, “Barry’s Blue Ribbon Assists,” was a charity that operated under the Spurs Foundation and was the forum for Erin Barry’s charitable efforts.
    • Brent Barry, her husband that she said publicly that she loved, but acted differently in private.
    • Most perplexing is her relationship, as a child advocate, with her children. As previously noted, Erin’s most important priority is being ‘the best Mom possible’ for her 2 children. This seems to be inconsistent with her recent actions. Her belief that she has ‘spent her adult life fighting for children who have been victimized’ and then, astoundingly, violated the name of her own children with the latest revelations. “Every day I dedicate myself to being a good person and the best Mom that I can possibly be for my two beautiful children.” What did she think could be gained for her children by having her shockingly provocative pictures (here) (here) plastered all over the Internet? She took pride as being “an unrepentant mom and she wishes more women would be proud to be mother”; but she compromised her children’s future. If her two young children—Quin and Cade—do not know now, they will eventually find out about their mother’s pivotal role in the demise of the Parker/Longoria marriage and all other sordid details. Both children are going to carry that baggage for the rest of their lives. That is something their dad hadn’t planned on.

    Erin Barry’s name and actions will always be associated with, minimally, poor judgment or, most likely, self-indulgence, arrogance and hypocrisy. In an interview she said “she is determined to make an imprint on as many people as she can.” She chose a remarkably tragic, but direct path, from being a legend in the San Antonio community to a symbol of shame and dishonor.

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