Christian Bale, nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in “The Fighter”, appreciates the love and support his wife has given him over the years. Married to Sandra Blazic since the year 2000, she is a former model and personal assistant to Wynona Ryder.  Christian Bale and his wife have been married for than ten years, and have one beautiful daughter together.

Christian Bale says, “I get choked up about that stuff,” Bale told reporters Friday. “It’s everything because I truly believe you can’t celebrate [success] without having your partner with you.” Most important, Christian Bale is glad his wife Sandra stuck by him through the good times and the bad. It’s not easy being married to a Hollywood actor.

“Making movies takes so much time,” Christian Bale says. “It’s not just the time when you’re filming. The character is born long before the first day of shooting and so [my wife] had to be married to so many different characters over our marriage. I know that it truly would be impossible to do it without her.” Saying he owes “everything to her,” Bale adds, “She’s such a good, strong woman.”

Christian Bale, born under the astrology star sign of Aquarius, marches to his own beat. He thrives on being unique and different, who would rather be appreciated for his intelligence over his good looks. The stars will be aligned tonight at the Golden Globes for our sexy Aquarius dude. Astrochicks predicts Christian Bale will win “Best Supporting Actor”. Stay tuned!

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Jacy Nova

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