BRAD WOMACK Bachelor Backlash, Jesse Csincsak Inside Scoop on Reality Show!

Brad Womack’s new Bachelor season last night, kicked off to lackluster ratings. Is it because fans don’t want to see a recycled Bachelor or because they already know who Brad chose? Former Bachelorette winner, Jesse Csincsak,  is exclusively blogging for Radar Online this season and giving Bachelor fans the inside scoop on the making of the reality show. What does he think of the new season?

Jesse Csincsak says, “OK, so as all of you know Brad Womack is back for the 2nd time and why not bring him back? Because he didn’t pick someone the first time? I didn’t find true forever love the first time my 2nd or my 3rd … FEW PEOPLE DO, and just because his was on TV he’s held to a different standard … really?

Jesse Csincsak continues, “Everyone seems bummed Brad Womack’s getting a second chance … there isn’t anyone reading this that hasn’t went out on about 10 dates with someone and then didn’t know if they were ready to marry them or not. Almost nobody would know after that short of a time … give me a break! Brad did nothing wrong on Bachelor 11. He knew he couldn’t spend the rest of his life with either of those girls so he didn’t propose … Brad, from ME & all the guys in America: GOOD FOR YOU. You did the right thing: Don’t let these girls make you feel any different.”

Jesse Csincsak doesn’t seem too impressed with Chantal. Bachelor spoiler alert, Brad Womack chooses Chantal as one of his final four. Jesse says, “Chantel O: Who do you think you are? You don’t hit people that’s assault! Do you think people should treat you the way you treat them? I do! Brad is actually a nice guy and because of your actions, you might screw up what you could have had with A REALLY NICE GUY! Yeah, so he pretended to be ok with getting hit, even complimenting you, but what was he supposed to do — he’s on national television with 15 million people watching. He had to do the only honorable thing and TAKE IT LIKE A MAN.” Actually Astrochicks thinks Brad Womack likes bossy ladies, you can view the rest of the article here.

It will be interesting to see how the new Bachelor season plays out. Astrochicks thinks fans had their hearts set up on Chris Lambton. I do like Brad Womack better than his first season, he seems a little more open and fun. It’s rumored that ABC has already picked a new Bachelorette. Should be interesting. Stay tuned.

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  1. It’s great to hear Jesse is writing for Astrochicks about the Bachelor! I have to agree with you Jesse, on every count. Chantell was out of line and if it were the other way around, there would have been major backlash. I have to say tht I never thought Brad was an idiot for not picking either girl and I wrote something similar about it on BuddyTv back then. Looking forward to your next article!

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