CELEBRITY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Snooki, and Justin Timberlake!

Whether you celebrated New Years eve in Vegas like Kim Kardashian or decided to spend it with family and friends, what were the most popular New Years resolutions for 2011? The number one resolution for most people is to lose weight.  Astrochicks searched the web for our celebrity favorites and here are the Celebrity New Years resolutions for Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Snooki, and Justin Timberlake.

Taylor Swift, has had quite the year in 2010. She has a number one album and a new boyfriend, super hunk Jake Gyllenhaal. How did Taylor ring in the New Year? Taylor Swift was spotted in Nashville and said she kept it low key with family and friends. What’s her New Years resolution? Taylor starts her Speak Now world tour in February, she did’nt reveal any New Years resolution but Astrochicks advise she keeps a happy balance between love and career.

Miley Cyrus, has been a very naughty girl in 2011. What is her Celebrity New Years resolution?  Miley said: “I want to go on some cool trips. I want to travel. I want to make this the year that I go out and do what I’m here to do, and that’s to help people and make people happy.” Astrochicks recommends she quits partying so much.

Justin Timberlake, who has been keeping a low profile in the music arena, what was his celebrity New Years resolution? Justin said: “Just some sleep — some time and some sleep. Unless something comes along that’s like the most unbelievable project, I’m going to take some time off next year.” I wonder if he will ever put a ring on Jessica Biel’s finger? Astrochicks doesn’t think so.

For loveable Snooki from Jersey Shore, what is her Celebrity New Years resolution? Snooki said: “To keep track with my trainer, losing more weight and just getting fit for the summer.” Snooki will be super hot if she gets in shape. Astrochicks recommends she keeps one eye on her pocketbook and the other on her heart.

What was your New Years resolution? For more celebrity resolution, click here. Enjoy!

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  1. @Jacey, Miley, at least to my knowledge, has never done any underage drinking. If that’s what she’s up to, she’s been a lot more careful at hiding it than Lindsay Lohan was when she was 18. There has been one picture of Miley holding onto a full bottle of beer in a Madrid nightclub, but the legal age for consumption of–although not for purchasing–beer in the province where Madrid is located is 16, so that was not underage drinking, even if she did drink it, which we have no evidence of. The only other evidence of her ever taking a recreational drug was the Salvia-bong video, and there again, Salvia is a legal drug for 18-year olds in California, so it’s not underage consumption. In fact, all the evidence we do have is that Miley parties a lot less than the average 18-year old, a lot less than Lindsay was doing when she was 18, and she’s very careful never to be seen doing any illegal partying at all. So, it doesn’t sound like Lindsay Lohan is a very good comparison with Miley. And I’d conclude with the thought that Miley’s normal 14-hour work days don’t really give her much time for partying.

  2. @Chris, Even though I agree that Miley isn’t so bad, I don’t think Miley is a workaholic either. Miley pretty much does as she pleases and has the money to do it. She has fun almost every day and is always seen out with friends and family. Miley leads a pretty charmed life. Acting and singing gives you more off days than most any other job. Miley goes on lots of vacations and does lots of shopping, eating out and just hanging out. I think Miley is handling her life pretty well.

  3. The fact is Miley rarely parties when you compare her to other stars. The only time she has ever been seen drinking it was in another country where it is legal, and according to the people at the club, she had ONE beer. She was photographed smoking a legal substance, and has already expressed regret about the video. Miley is very aware of keeping a healthy life. She eats healthy for the most part and works out a lot. Miley biggest problem, is the gossip and blog sites that continue to harp on her every move, reporting anything remotely negative, and turning the positive things she does into something negative or not reporting them at all. Did you know she supports more charities than all her peers combined. I say, give her a break, she hasn’t done anything illegal like others so far, and so long as she continues to care about others, who care how she dresses, or if she goes to a club or party or two and drinks a Red Bull.

  4. Miley Cyrus is underage, she’s not legal to drink. Also, allowing someone to videotape her when she does drugs. That’s a problem. Miley is a beautiful and talented girl, I would hate to see her go down the path of Lindsay and hopefully she won’t.

    Snooki is paid to party and is alot older. At least she wants to lose weight and be healthy.

    Personally, I don’t think anyone should excessively drink, eat, spend money, etc. I agree balance is key.

  5. Astrochick, you are such hypocrites! You tell Miley to quit partying but say nothing to Snooki? Miley is a total workaholic who hardly ever stops to relax or party. If anything, in 2010, you should be advising her to vacation and party more, not less, so that she has a healthy balance in her life. This past fall, after finishing production on “LOL: Laughing Out Loud,” with Demi Moore in late September, she took a few weeks off, essentially the first real vacation she’s had in six years. Then she was back at work by October, preparing and training for her next movie. And you guys pick on her for partying too much? I think you lack perspective. Snooki, on the other hand, spends her whole life partying.

  6. just leave miley cyrus alone i know u wouldnt like it if u were her and was always talking about her personal life. maybe she wants a normal life and wants to be leaved alone from all u freaks who capturing her and her life. have not u noticed she hates people saying and going into her personal life because maybe she doesn’t want u 2 b telling everyone about her life! so leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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