CAMILLE GRAMMER Divorce Settlement, Kelsey Grammer Wedding, No Prenup With Kayte Walsh?

Camille Grammer star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has had quite a year. First she gets her own reality show and next she becomes the girl you love to hate on the popular Bravo show. Probably not what she expected. During filming of Real Housewives, Camille was blindsided when she found out her husband Kelsey Grammer was cheating. After 14 years together, they decided to pull the plug on their marriage and Kelsey became engaged to new girlfriend Kayte Walsh.

On July 1st, Camille Grammer filed for divorce from Kelsey and now he’s pushing for a quickie divorce. What’s the rush? Kelsey Grammer wants to marry his fiancee Kayte Walsh in a simple wedding on January 1st.  In fact, Kelsey’s willing to negotiate a HUGE multi million dollar settlement to end his marriage to Camille. If reports are true, Camille Grammer will receive a $50 million dollar settlement, which includes several real estate properties that the couple owns.

Camille Grammer, born under the astrology star sign of Virgo has had a rough two years. I’m sure she sensed her marriage was on the rocks but desperately wanted to make it work. Camille credited for helping Kelsey turn is television business royalties into a $100 million dollar fortune, made a great business partner for him. Unfortunately for Camille the relationship ran out of steam.

Kelsey Grammer a Pisces is an emotional guy who is easily swayed by others, probably started feeling his age. What do most men do when they have a mid life crisis? Well of course they hook up with a much younger woman. In Kelsey’s case, his wife to be Kayte Walsh is 26 years younger. Still, Astrochicks believes that Camille was a good match for Kelsey. A ying to his yang. Word is there will be no marriage prenup with Kayte Walsh.

For Camille Grammer, she still loves her husband and is in no hurry to jump back into the dating scene. According to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star,  “As far as setting Camille up, I’m going to have to let her be the guide on that one. I know she’s nowhere near ready to date,” fellow cast member Taylor Armstrong told during a visit to our NYC offices Dec. 9. “But when she’s ready to date, we’re all here!” Well at last she has one friend on the show.

Astrochicks predicts that Camille Grammer will take the next year to find herself. She will focus on her children, possibly produce new television shows, and may even dare a second season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Love will find her again and hopefully Camille will choose someone behind the scenes who doesn’t need his ego stroked constantly. For Kelsey Grammer, I don’t expect his marriage to Kayte Walsh to last more than four years.  I think the age difference will be too great for it to last a lifetime. Can’t wait till the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show. Stay tuned!

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. I’ll NEVER look at “Frazier Crane” the same way again. His treatment of his children is just HORRIBLE. and you would think that after everything he went through in HIS OWN torn up very sad AND T.R.A.G.I.C. childhood that he would make DAMN SURE THE SAME THING DIDN’T HAPPEN TO HIS OWN kids!

  2. Camille is a horror .. and after seeing her on this show.. with such a pampered life.. that she can’t even raise two children.. I can see why he’d head for the hills… Her ego is out of control and I hate to clue you Camille.. you don’t hold a match to Kyle who I think is great and gorgeous.. so keep thinking the world is jealous of YOU and hang out with psychics that is a disgrace to people who work in the profession. What she said about “Kyle’s children” while somewhat drunk I’ll never forget and i will NEVER watch your show again.. especially after seeing the type of woman you BASED IT ON!! Hopefully it will go off the air.. she’s a fox in sheeps clothing!! God have mercy on her…

  3. Ad Ivana Trump said: “Don’t get angry, get EVERYTHING!”
    After all Camille did for him, she deserves everything she can get for her and their children. He is a self-absorbed narcissistic bastard.

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