Kelly Osbourne has the holiday blues over ex boyfriend, Luke Worrall. Yesterday on Twitter, she unloaded a flood of emotional messages about how Luke Worrall used and cheated on her. Poor girl, she must be really heartbroken. What pushed her to reopen old wounds? According to her tweets, Luke Worrall wants her back but Kelly Osbourne found out he hooked up with not one but several girls.

Kelly Osbourne, born under the astrology star sign Scorpio is a force to be recognized. A passionate and sexy girl, you definitely don’t want to get on her bad side. It’s unfortunate that her ex boyriend Luke Worrall didn’t appreciate her, although he’s way too young for her and I think Kelly knows that. Luke’s only 22 years old and not ready to settle down. In fact, Kelly Osbourne called her ex “the biggest piece of s––” on a Twitter post on Monday.  She revealed Luke Worrall was “trying to get back w/ me” while sleeping with “100’s of girls.”

Kelly Osbourne’s manic Twitter posts  began on Christmas when she tweeted “just found something out that has hurt my feelings so bad.” Her Twitter posts continued the next day: “I think the best part of this situation is that I have been painted out 2 be the crazy 1 when all I did was tell the honest to gods truth,” she wrote. “Thank god for family that’s all I have to say.” Where’s mom and dad in all this. Sharon Osbourne needs to go kick Luke Worrall’s ass.

I guess the holiday season isn’t all about love for everyone. Astrologically, Astrochicks predicts that Kelly Osbourne will find lasting love with an older man. Someone who can appreciate and respect her. She may decide to have a child first before actually getting married, we predict that it may be as early as 2012. First, Kelly Osbourne needs to kick the bad boy habit which can be hard to do. She’s recently become BFF’s with Miley Cyrus, who’s a bit of a man eater. Maybe Miley can teach Kelly Osbourne a few tricks. Kelly needs to learn how to wrap man around her pretty little finger. She’s a hottie and needs to find a man who will treat her like a Princess. Astrochicks sending her a big holiday hug.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.