ALLISON DUBOIS, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Psychic Gone Wild!

Allison Dubois’ appearance on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as the dinner party from hell, will go down in Bravo TV history. What was she thinking?  Reality tv gold, she was a psychic gone wild, after verbally attacking Kyle Richards. We asked celebrity psychic Barb Powell what she thought of last weeks episode, also her opinion on Camille Grammer and the other lovely ladies. 

Barb Powell’s take on the Real Housewives: I feel like Camille Grammer isn’t intentionally mean, but she is a bit delusional.  She’s one of those women that thinks every girl is jealous of her.  That’s how she explains conflict between her and the other women. Camille, darling…own what’s yours…don’t blame everyone else.  Perhaps realizing that you are in part creating the conflict as well, would be a good start.

Barb Powell’s take on Allison Dubois: I just have one thing to say about this week’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” – Allison DuBois! WHATEVER!  She is one crazy medium, psychic, if that’s what she portrayed on the show. I guess someone forgot to check their ego at the door, or perhaps it went flying out the window while swigging cocktails like they were water.  This is how Psychics and Mediums get a bad reputation.  Talk about a bad attitude with a twist of viciousness = bat crap crazy.

Barb definitely has some interesting insight on our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills girls. To read the rest of the article, click here.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. The situation was preplanned by Camile and her two minions. Ms. Allison has a serious drinking problem. So much of a drinking problem that Camile even mentioned it beforehand to some of her friends. Camile knew exactly what she was doing and this only shows how desperately she needs some counseling and therapy. To orchestrate such harm against other human beings is frightening at best. If she is able to to do this to others, what is to stop her from physically harming another person?

    At the end of the show Allison actually stated with such venom in her voice that if anyone of them came to her if their children were missing etc. (“that she would not help them”). I have studied criminal law for a long time, they both have makings of serious criminals. The other ladies truly need to remove themselves from Camile. If she will not do her own dirty work, she is the sort that would hire someone to do it for her. She desperately needs to get help before anything gets to that point.

    If any officials are utilizing Allison currently they should stop. There are plenty of other souls who have her gifts. Anyone, who would state that they would not help someone find their child has no business near those situations.

    Both women have serious characteristics of criminials.

    Camile’s home was beautiful, the food wonderful, but the constant alcohol throughout the evening was not. All of them had too much to drink with those beverages she was serving. It looked just one beverage would put most under the table. They all drank far too much and some were even stumbling as they left. The agruments continued throughout the rest of the evening. Well ladies, if you thought you could trust Camile before, you have to know you cannot now. I feel for Kelsie Gramer. He must be mortified and at the same time desperate to get Camile help. She truly believes that everyone is jealous of her. Maybe if she sees herself on last nights show it will make her realize how much she truly needs some help. No one is jealous of her. I feel very sorry for her.

    Back to Ms. Allison, in our world many share her gifts. It is extremly important to never cause harm with your gifts. The way she spoke like she was omini powerful because of her gifts. That she knew when Kyle would die and what would happen to her family etc. was more than evil. She spoke the words as if she could actaully cause harm to happen to Kyle. Well it just does not work that way. I have really enjoyed the show that was supposed to be Allison’s life story. Her character is portrayed as having discretion, compassion, morals and ethics. Her entire being is portrayed as only the highest of good for everyone and everything. Someone must have rewrote the script. That character on the show is not the Allison in real life that we all saw the other evening. She is exactly the opposite of that. How sad it is that such a good show has to be harmed or mared because of the real Allison. As stated before, many people have Allison’s gift and have not learned how to manage all of the information and visions that they see. Many will seek to escape in unhealthy ways like drinking and drugs. Ms. Allison has an alcohol problem. Anyone who has her gifts and has been trained and studied the use of those gifts knows you should not be around alcohol or drugs. I would not go to Allison for a reading or advice given her current status. Out of respect and honor of her gifts and the many other souls who share those gifts, she should not go public in any way until she gets control of herself and her substance issues. It only harms all of the good that others do. Her show had a very long run and many have truly enjoyed it. Her recent actions has cast a dark cloud over that success. I will be praying and sending love energy to all of the people on that show.

    Kyle is very strong and has many angels and guides around her. She must know that the reading given to her is not true. It was orchestrated lies through misdirected alliances. I know she will rise above that evening and end up showing by example how they should behave. I know that Allison has tried to harm her husband’s way of earning a living. Guess what, real people see through the darkness. I would bet with your husband’s postiive attitude that he actually increases his work, because he is an honorable man. If I were in Kyle’s high heels, I would let compassion stand in the forefront. What happened the other evening is not about you, it is about some souls who need help, love, and healing. Their issues have been within them since they were little girls. I would communicate your disire that you want the best for them, but that they need to go and get help. I would then gracefully remove myself from all negative influences.

    That show left me spiritually exhausted! I was so very disappointed in that show the other evening, that I will never watch it again. It is just far too negative for me. Camile should be removed from the show until she gets counseling. I truly fear for the other ladies on the show if they keep her on.

    Allison needs to know that everyone with special gifts needs to stand together in strength. Our world needs our visions to help protect and heal it and the many souls that are still here. Please try to walk as a positve example and go and get some help! Please do not give any more readings or express your insights until you get cleaned up and grounded again. Words are very powerful, and the other evening you caused great harm to many. It was almost like an earthquake that will most certainly have after shock. I can only pray that everyone who has after shock will only affirm the postive from the situation. The positive would be Camille and Allison go and get help.

    On angels wings, I send you love and many blessings.

  2. Allison Dubois is as much as physic as I am ( NOT ) the ones that I do know would NEVER behave in such a manner, she too has a VERY limited volcabulary…SUCH vile language from her, too bad she didn’t pay attention in English Class also why didn’tshe bother to tell her bbgf that HER hubby was dumping HER..Camille does absolutely nothING but complain and act SO put upon..SHE modeled for PlayBoy???? Then was rude to a guest in HER HOME…she should go to “manners class’..Allison and camille are just downright llaughable

  3. I never watch Housewives, but there was nothing on so I engaged in the marathon. I thought Allison Dubois was disgusting. Camille was no better. Both attacking Kyle for bringing Faye Resnick as backup.Camille did the same thing with Allison and D.D. If Allison was REALLY a psychic,couldn’t she have seen this conflict coming? I wonder how Camille feels about her BFF, as her husband dumped her ego driven butt for someone else and apparently her psychic buddy didn’t tell her. Have another drink Allison, you’re a real piece of work.

  4. I put Allison on my prayer list because she needs it. She would have needed to use her psychic powers to determine how to get my hands off her throat if I was Kyle.

  5. Tis is my first time writing regarding any show.As a reader for over 35 years I just have to say I am shocked at Allison’s behavior. But as I say that it is important to always remember never to place anyone on a pedestal as we are ALL human too. Allison I was shocked at your statement of I know her death and all about her family. Any good psychic knows that no one has a say in ones crossing over. It is purely a personal choice between the person and the Universe/source/god…..Let’s be honest, that was purely vindictive and holding a space of dishonest power. I am sure that this experience will benefit you greatly bringing you back to your roots and humilty and integrity. No judgement as I write that please. However to be humbled…to have others not attack and seek the sacrificial lamb is always a good thing, espeically in this time. In a way, your being the enigma has buried the cross between in some ways between Camille and Kyle. Camille and Kyle you both speak of honesty and integrity….get really real and leave the BS what sounds good and looks good at the door. Youa re both lovely women with big hearts….Lisa’s charity would have been the perfect place to join forces as women and mothers of the world….Maybe you can take that energy and bring it together somewhere else in a very positive force. After all if we truly want peace for our kids it has to begin with us.
    Thank you for bringing this all to light
    with much love steph rain

  6. i cannot believe the way, Psychic Medium Allison Dubois behaved on RH of BH! What a terrible women. Patricia Arquette who plays her on Medium would never act that way. What a shame! They portray her as a nice person looking to help solve crimes. Instead she is an eveil women who brags that she “loves that she can tell people when they are gonna dye!” Crazy!!!!! I hope he career takes a hit for that! Shameful, just terrible.

  7. I don’t even want to watch Medium after seeing her attack people the way she did.
    She was grotesque. She knows how Kyle is going to die and what will happen to her
    family afterward and she loves that about herself? She actually said if their children
    were ever missing and they asked her for help she would tell them F you.
    I felt sick watching her. Go to her website and she has a blurb about the show and how it was “recklessly edited”. Did not own up to a thing. I’d rather deal with three Camille’s and a bag of snakes than be anywhere around that woman.

  8. Did anyone catch the statement that Camille made that if anyone’s husband was cheating on them Allison would know? What a joke, why didn’t Allison know that Kelsey was cheating on Camille. Camille is a joke. I don’t think it showed Kyle saying what Camille said she said, but seriously, Camille isn’t anything without Kelsey. No wonder he left her to go to New York and for

  9. I could not believe the way Allison acted. I do not care what was happening, Camille should have told her to shut the fuck up. BUT… Camille liked what was happening. She enjoyed the chaos and friction caused by her friend. I would have jumped across the table and slapped the shit out of Allison if I was Kyle or Faye. If I was the TV channel that had MEDIUM on it, I would make a public statement stating they do not support Allison. I will never watch Medium again.

  10. Camille and her two friends are such losers…they spend their whole evening after the ladies leave talking shit. It’s hilarious because Camille always talks about about Kyle being jealous but it’s Camille who is jealous. And it was so funny when Kim told Taylor to go pump her lips up some more hahahaha. I think Lisa and Kyle are the only two with any sense. Kim’s ok, but she’s kind of clingy.Taylor and Camille are fake as hell.

  11. I think if I were Kyle, I would have caught an assault case for beating the crap out of Camille (who lost her husband probably because she is a hoe with men and a b**ch to women) and this so-called famous psychic. Never heard of her before this show and I wouldn’t watch any show about her or with her on it. Any book about her or by her would also go out with the trash. Kyle always tries to keep the peace but Camille always manages to bring up the beef. Then plays like she’s the victim. I am glad her husband left her. I won’t have to see her ugly face next season. I love Kyle. Camille and Allison, Go to Hell. Oh wait, Allison is already on her way there lol.

  12. I have been a HUGE fan of the show Medium. I couldn’t wait to actually see the real Allison DuBois. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Not only was she arrogant, rude and nothing more than a barhag found at the local bar. As for Camille … Kelsey was write to get rid of her. She tries to act like innocent when it it evident she thrives in the drama. Kyle did not set up Camille … Camille set Kyle up. Team Kyle had 2 people and Fake Camille had 3 people to fight her battle. Camille is a vein coward — paid someone to carry her babies so she wouldn’t ruin her “figure”. Camille is a ghetto climber that will fall down the ladder she climb to be where she is today. As for Allison … you’ve lost any respect from you behavior on RHBH.

  13. As far as I know it was Kelsey who met Allison back in 2002 and made her into the super star medium. Never saw the show as I live in the UK…

  14. Camille wanted more confrontation with kyle deep down she really just wants to keep portraying herself as this perfect victim that everyone is jealous of. she brought Allison hoping she would get drunk and blast everybody without herself [Camille] being the bad guy. Thats why she was sitting there silently amused when all hell broke loose. She got mad that Faye stood up for Kyle and didnt see anything wrong with Allison standing up for her becuz she was planning to have her two friends attack Kyle. Camille wants so bad to be Kyle that its sad. The reason she thinks Kyle said that about her is becuz she feels like nothing without Kelsey she is insecure and its sad becuz she could be so beautiful. Plus it is clear that her and Kelsey are having martial problems otherwise why would he leave her for a year to dress in drag on broadway when he already has enough money to be set for life and he makes shit loads of money producing other shows and projects so he doesn’t need to go away.

  15. was she ever a b*tch! i wish someone would have put her in her place! talk about someone with an overblown ego. i know a few psychics and they were absolutely ashamed of how this woman acted. that’s the last time i watch medium and hopefully some day this woman will realize what poison she truly is

  16. Camille was the worst hostess! Very tacky to attack your guest! Kyle should stay away from Camille and her sidekicks

  17. This bitch is one of the craziest psychotic women I have EVER seen. If I were Kyle, I would’ve jumped across that damn table and shoved that cigarette down her throat. Stop bragging about your “psychic abilities” because you’re nothing but a fat fire-crotched cunt.

  18. I say:good for you Allison! These overly blond, bloated-lipped, shallow women need a wake-up call. Is this why “Medium” got cancelled? Because one of the women’s boyfriend’s or ex-husband’s influence? I would think that this would only increase the popularity and ratings of the hit TV show.Maybe Camille is jealous?

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