REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Cynthia Bailey Marriage and NeNe Leakes Friend Contracts!

Real Housewives of Atlanta took a turn for the weird this week. NeNe Leakes has a new BFF this season and it’s the new girl on the block, crazy Cynthia Bailey. Not only is she a runaway bride, she’s a control freak. Upset over a falling out she had with NeNe, instigated by her soon to be husband Peter, she decided to ask our Sagittarius girl for a friend contract. Say what?

NeNe Leakes, the good sport, decided to humor Cynthia Bailey over her friendship contract. After all, it could have been provoked by Bravo, who holds her Real Housewives contract, so why not? In Cynthia’s contract, she has asked NeNe Leakes to agree to be her friend for a period of one year. If for some reason Nene Leakes no longer chooses to be Cynthia Bailey’s friend, she must send a notarized letter asking to break the contract. Damn, sounds complicated. Iwonder if her husband Peter Thomas had to sign something?

Cynthia Bailey, born under the astrology sign of Libra, is a sensitive soul. She hates to argue, is a people pleaser, and of course lovely to look at. Astrologically, the next two years will be challenging for her. I think her marriage to Peter Thomas will hit a few speed bumps, just because he is so controlling.  For her BFF, NeNe Leakes a Sagittarius, her outspokeness may rub her the wrong way. All Cynthia Baily wants is harmony and peace in her life. Can’t someone give this girl a little love.

It will be interesting to see if Bravo brings Cynthia Bailey back for another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Maybe she decided to bust out the friend contract to make herself more interesting. For NeNe Leakes, she’s still Astrochicks number one girl. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Well I think peter is good 4 cynthia! He loves her and wants a life with her. Maybe she needs a daddy figure in her life. Its all what peter wants. Get it peter do the dam thang!

  2. It’s my prediction, I think Cynthia is in for a rough ride with her hubby Peter. She was a runaway bride for a reason. The friendship contract, Cynthia was all teary eyed when she gave it to NeNe. It didn’t seem like she was joking. If it was a joke, why did NeNe say she felt awkward. It’s all in good fun, lighten up.

  3. HA! I like how you say you “think”, because NO ONE really knows for sure. All of this hocus pocus astrology junk is based on assumptions. BOO.

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