The chase is on to find and capture WikiLeaks founder,  Julian Assange. Originally from Australia, Assange founded the controversail website, WikiLeaks in 2006.  On 28 November 2010, WikiLeaks and Assange’s  five media partners published over 250,000 top secret US documents. The information ranged from America’s opinion on world leaders, CIA spy documents, and classified war information.  According to The Guardian, this has placed Assange “at the centre of intense media speculation and a hate campaign against him in America”. Is Julian Assange, hero or a high tech terrorist?

Julian Assange, born under the astrology star sign is a Cancer. A deeply moody and emotional man, who believes his journalist actions are to promote freedom of speech, eliminate censorship, and be a political whistle blower. Assange who first began computer hacking in Austrlia at the age of 16, used the code name “Mendax.”  In 1992, Julian Assange plead guilty to 24 charges of hacking and was released on bond for good conduct after being fined AU$2100.

Up until the release of 250,000 US top secret documents, Julian Assange enjoyed his celebrity status as a internet freedom fighter. Now, he has gone to far and may have put America in harms way. If Assange would have done this to Russian government, he would have already quietly disappeared, never to be seen again. Putin would have never put up with this nonsense.

Julian Assange is now a wanted man and has taken refuge in Swizterland. Paypal has shut own his WikiLeaks account and now he’s relying on a variety of supporters to host and mirror his WikiLeaks site. The Australian government is considering canceling his passport and having him extradited back to his country to face espionage charges. Although that could prove to be difficult, since his crimes were committed overseas.

In a new interview, in regards to the US WikiLeaks, Assange told El Pais, “The whole chain of command who was aware of this spying order, and approved it, must resign if the US is to be seen to be a credible nation that obeys the rule of law. The order is so serious it may well have been put to the President  for approval.” Julian Assange is referring to President Obama.  Julian Assange has also had the audacity to call on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to resign her post as well.

Whichever side your on, the US view Julian Assange as a “high tech terroist,” who should be treated as an enemy combatant.  Others like G. Gordon Liddy, believe that Assange should be put on a “kill list” of terrorists who can be assassinated without a trial. On 18 November, Stockholm District Court approved a request to detain Assange for questioning on suspicion of rape, sexual molestation, and unlawful coercion. Still Assange is able to elude authorities.

In the end, this story will not end well for Julian Assange, he’s running out of options and has gone too far in leaking information. His actions have placed America in harms way and possibly jeopardized the lives of others. Astrochicks believes he will be captured and tried for his crimes. You can view the WikiLeaks website here.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.