Keepin Up With Kim Kardashian, the sexy reality star appeared last night on Conan O’Brien, with her two sisters Khloe and Kourtney. The interview consisted of the girls talking about Kim’s personal life, sex, and why women should put mayonnaise on their vajaja. Think of it as a car wax to shine your hood. It was hilarious.

Khloe Kardashian, dished the dirt on her sister Kim, and what type of boyfriend she wants in life. Our Libra girl, told Conan she wants her Prince Charming to have the following qualities. First he must have small nose and ears. Kim Kardashian also wants a guy with six pack abs, a great sense of humor, good dresser, and is smart. Sounds like she’s describing her new boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry. Kim forgot to mention GORGEOUS, he seems like the perfect guy for her! 

The Kardashian sisters have a new book out called, Kardashin Konfidential, which gives fans advice on life, love, and looking good. Astrologically, now that Kim has turned 30, marriage and kids will be her main focus by the end of 2011. Finding Mr. Right and someone she can share he life with, will be most important. Could Gabriel Aubry, a Virgo, be her happily ever after? He has all the qualities Kim is looking for in a man, he’s a French Canadian, and incredibly sexy. Kim is one lucky girl. I think these two definitely make a good couple, hopefully Kim Kardashian will tone down her wild side

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.