DANCING WITH THE STARS FINALS, Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas Love Rumors!

Will Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas waltz their way into the Dancing With the Stars finals? Not only do they share an incredible chemistry on the dance floor, fans wonder if the cute couple are secretly dating as well. Will the popularity of Bristol’s mom Sarah Palin help seal the deal? Maybe.

Last night, Sarah Palin’s new reality TLC show “Alaska”, premiered to huge ratings. Over 5 million people tuned in to watch Grizzly Mama Bear do her thang. Will Sarah Palin’s strong Republican base, help Bristol Palin’s voting odds for Dancing With the Stars?  Some blogs and gossip mags speculate Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas could actually win. Bristol may not be the best dancer in the competition but it appears she may be the favorite.

Buddy TV speculates, “Bristol Palin has a lot of non-political support as well. Some Dancing with the Stars viewers just plain like her, and why not? She’s young and pretty. She seems like an awfully nice person. She has a sympathetic back story. And, most importantly, she’s not a star. Bristol looks, talks and acts like an enhanced version of the “average American.” That’s powerful stuff on a show filled with divas and celebrities.” What doe the future hold for her astrologically?

Bristol Palin shares the same astrology star sign of Libra with Kim Kardashian, Heather Locklear and Simon Cowell. Love them or hate them, they definitely make a HUGE impression on fans. Bristol who’s charming and sweet, is super camera friendly. Add her “puppy love”  connection with Mark Ballas, our Libra girl has become incredibly popular on Dancing With the Stars.

Astrologically, I don’t think Bristol Palin will win but there’s a good chance she will make it to the finals. As far as her off camera romance with Mark Ballas, Astrochicks thinks she’s still in love with her baby daddy, Levi Johnston. Mark Ballas is a perfect love match for her but romance may no be in the cards for these two. Who knows maybe Levi will win Mayor of Wasilla and Bristol Palin will end up marrying him after all. If that happens, we can guarantee reality show number two for the Palin family. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.

Website: http://www.astrochicks.com

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  1. 100% Democrat- 100% for Bristol/Mark. Different people vote for different reasons. For me: She is the most improved with no dancing, no entertainment, show biz background and people love to see the journey of the underdog. Another big plus, the chemistry between her and mark; its like he is in love with her. People love soaps and a little romance. Third, She has a likeable personality and some balls to stand in front of millions and experienced celebrities.
    If it wasn’t for the press and all the negative people out there stirring trouble and calling so much attention to her, there wouldn’t be the excuse that other people are just picking up to phone to show them off and keep her in. Nothing to do with politics; people just don’t like bullying and they want to defend her

  2. If the competition was just about dancing, then it would be unfair for Brandy to be eliminated and Bristol stay in. But it has never been just about skill on the dance floor. If it were, there would not be so many hateful comments about Bristol’s mother on this subject. I voted for Bristol because she has taken on the biggest challenge and improved the most. She is an exceptional young woman who had shown the courage to compete with professionals.

  3. The competition is suppose to be for non professional dancers. Jennifer Grey and Brandy Norwood going into the competition had a leg up on everyone.

    I personally love Kyle Massey, he’s fun too watch and he’s a great dancer. I didn’t like Bristol Palin much in the beginning of the competition but I have grown to love her. I think the chemistry she has with Mark Ballas is incredible.

    On Brandy, she’s a great dancer but I think her partner Maks has a bad attitude. If she would have been paired with Derek Hough, she would be in the finals right now. Maks mad her lose fan votes.

  4. Bristol Palin being in the finals on DWTS? This is totally due to her mother’s braindead slaves and sycophants.

    This time Mamma Grizzly has gone too far. She is overexposed, overdumb, and the nation’s most irritating, whining bitch.

    And her stupid daughter can’t dance.


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