Is Jessica Simpson jealous over Nick Lachey’s and Vanessa Minnillo engagement announcement? Is she pushing for a marriage proposal from Eric Johnson? After having a awkward run in at a local Hollywood restaurant, it was reported that Jessica Simpson made a catty remark about her ex husband Nick, taking all her money in their divorce settlement. That’s what happens when you get married California without a prenup, lets hope she gets one with Eric Johnson.

If you’ve seen Jessica Simpson in recent interviews and her appearance on Project Runway, she wears a thin veil of sadness on her face. I’m not sure if it’s frustration on her part, or pure boredom. Born under the astrology star sign of Cancer, she’s built a successful fashion empire but her music and acting career has stalled. Combine that with two failed romances with John Mayer and Tony Romo, that’s bound to make any girl depressed. Also,  it’s got to sting a litte bit to see your ex husband blissfully in love.

Popeater reported that Jessica Simpson was deeply saddened by Nick Lachey’s marriage news.  A source told the web-site, “Even though Jessica wants to be happy for Nick, this is a very difficult time for her. Nick was the love of her life then and he was her first, so she will always have a very special place in her heart for him. She’s deeply saddened.”

Will Nick Lachey’s engaged announcement and pending wedding to Vanessa push Jessica to the altar as well? Astologically, I think Jessica Simpson is ready to marry again and quite frankly, Astrochicks thinks she’s burnt out on the whole dating scene. Is Eric Johnson her Prince Charming? Although he has just finalized his divorce, Eric is a practical Virgo dude and I think he realizes to hang on to Jessica Simpson, he will need to move fast.

Are wedding bells ringing in Jessica Simpson’s future? I suspect by next spring she will be engaged, if she’s smart, she will wait until 2012 to marry Eric Johson. It’s okay to be a little jealous about Nick Lachey and Vanessa but she shouldn’t make any hasty decisions over it. Stay tuned.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.