Last week, Katy Perry and new husband Russell Brand had a lavish wedding in India, surrounded by friends and family they love. For Katy Perry it was bittersweet, because her BFF, Rihanna, failed to attend her big day. Why did Rihanna miss Katy Perry’s wedding? Rihanna said she had to be in the studio, other sources say it’s because Katy Perry and her got in an argument over Russell Brand. Is it true? Is Katy Perry in a cat fight with Rihanna?

According to Now magazine, a close friend of Katy Perry’s claims that Rihanna didn’t want to be her Maid of Honor at her Bollywood wedding. Why? Rihanna didn’t think Russell Brand is good enough for Katy. The insider told the magazine: “Rihanna told Katy Perry she didn’t think she should go through with it. Rihanna said she couldn’t be a part of Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding since she absolutely didn’t approve.” I’m sure that did go over to well with our Scorpio girl.

Although, Rihanna DID attend her best friends Bachelorette party, helping arrange the big Las Vegas bash for Katy Perry. The insider added: “She was trying to go along with things even though she thinks Russell Brand is bad news, but she reached breaking point when Katy Perry and Russell had a fight just before the nuptials. Rihanna told Katy how she felt. She’s watched her get upset, she’s witnessed the effects of 
the pair’s arguments and seen Katy cancel the wedding twice.”

I’m sure Katy Perry was disappointed that Rihanna was unable. On the other hand, it’s none of Rihanna’s business who Katy marries. She’s a big girl and can make her own decisions. Russell Brand a sober guy, seems like a pretty cool guy. Astrochicks hopes the couple will find lots of love and happiness in the future. For Rihanna and Katy Perry, I’m sure the two friends will work it out.

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Jacy Nova

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