BACHELORETTE Julien Hug, Missing Son of BERTRAND HUG Found Dead!

Bachelorette fans are shocked by todays news of former contestants death, Julien Hug. What’s even more disturbing is the mystery surrounding his death. On Monday, Julien Hug had left San Diego to drive to Palm Desert, California. His father, Bertrand Hug a popular restauranteur in San Diego, was opening a new family restaurant.

Bertrand Hug told 10News, his son Julien was on his way to help manage the family’s newest restaurant in Palm Desert, Augusta Modern. He said two days ago, Julien Hug’ phone went dead while he was driving somewhere on Highway 74 in Riverside County, which was the last time anyone had heard from him.

Yesterday, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department had located a body near a vehicle similar to Julien Hug’s in a remote off-roading area about 45 miles off Highway 74 known as Pinyon Pines. The police are not saying whether they suspect foul play and an autopsy has been scheduled for today. The police expect to know how he died on Friday.

Jillian Harris, Kiptyn Locke and other Bachelorette contestants expressed their sadness over Julien Hug’s untimely death. On Twitter, Kiptyn Locke posted the following about Julien Hug: “Sad news last night of a lost friend. A reminder to appreciate every day & tell those around u they are loved. Today I’m celebrating life.” So sad, Astrochicks thoughts and prayers go out to Julien Hug’s family. RIP.

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