TERESA GIUDICE Marriage Drama, New Rumor Joe Giudice Cheated Again?

Teresa Giudice is back for another season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Our Italian princess, has been spotted around local hot spots shooting the hit Bravo reality show. Did Teresa finally get the raise she asked for? If sources are correct, she did and Teresa Giudice will earn over $300k for the new season of Real Housewives. Is our Jersey girl worth it?

The last year has been tough for Teresa Giudice, not only did she face bankruptcy, there have also been rumors that her husband Joe Giudice, cheated on her.  In the new issue of Life & Style magazine, a former dancer at Showoffs Strip Club in West Orange, NJ claims that Joe was a regular customer. This was until Showoffs was shut down in 2006, amid accusations of prostitution.”Joe Giudice was always up for a lap dance,” revealed the insider. “There was a lot of hanky-panky that went down in the club’s basement,” the dancer told Life & Style. “If you had money, you could get pretty up close and personal with the strippers.”

Joe Giudice was also allegedly a loyal patron of Latin Bar in Paterson, N.J. “There was one particular waitress Joe really liked there,” recalls the insider. “She was from the Dominican Republic, about 5 feet tall with big breasts and long, dark hair. Joe Giudice would always make sure that wherever he was, he could be back in Paterson on a Friday night so he could see her.” Gee, I wonder what Teresa Giudice thinks about all of this? When did he have time to be a dad?

Astrologically, Teresa Giudice who’s born under the astrology sign of Taurus, is one tough cookie. She has a bachelor’s degree and although she may be crude, she’s definitely a smart girl. Now that she’s the bread winner of the family, with her book deals, endorsements, etc. her husband Joe Giudice will be walking on a tight leash. If he doesn’t clean up his act soon, Astrochicks predicts there will be trouble in paradise by 2012 and serious marriage problems for the Giudices. Hopefully, these two will work it out and stay together for the kids. For Teresa Giudice, her star will only shine brighter next year. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.

Website: http://www.astrochicks.com

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  1. Tree does NOT have a bachelor’s degree. She did not go to college, as she has said so many times on the show. She went to a 2-yr trade school and got a degree in fashion merchandising.

    Please make the correction.

  2. Boy I’m shocked that upstanding husband & business owner has a mistress. All
    dago’s cheat on their wives/girlfriends. duh. He looks like a short piece of sh**
    what teresa’ thinks he’s a prize. What a loser. It’s obvious he’s bored to tears
    with her, she’s such a dumb bimbo. He has to have something on the side.
    Why get married if you want to be a player??? What a douche. Quit having kids to
    this moron & dump him he’s a jerk off.& looks like a short scumbag, plus look @
    his feet Ugh definitely not a stud.

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