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  1. Has anyone seen the new YouTube video produced by Marie Claire for Gretchen? She tries to poke fun at herself since everyone dislikes her so much.

    Thanks for your insight Morgaine. If she does move to NYC, I see her moving back to Portland or maybe her home state Colorado. I think if she works under another designers name, she will be more successful.

    She has a few hard lessons to learn but I think Gretchen will be a better person for it in the end.

  2. P.S. Just looked at GJ’s chart. Well, that Neptune is right there next to her Sun. No wonder she has issues. No wonder she is so delusional. No wonder she is so emotionally fragile.

    Being uber-Capricorn, my Neptune transit kicked my kiester but good. I can’t imagine living with it every day. My husband has Neptune conjunct Sun in Libra, and Saturn transits lay him out.

    I always hate it when I find out some evil person is a Capricorn (and they usually are). But, when I think about it, although what they did was wrong, the reasoning behind it was, if nothing else, practical and moving towards a goal.

    I agree with you. I don’t think she will do well in NYC at all. If I cared enough, I’d look to where she’s going to be at the time of her next Saturn-Sun transit. I think it could be prophetic as to what is going to happen in-between now and then.

  3. AstroChicks, I love you. I truly do.

    The last part where you quote her bio…it is so classic Gretchen.

    Here’s the good part…since the PR fans have made their outrage known throughout the internet and elsewhere, posts have shown up on message boards, using different names, but always with the same syrupy, emesis-basin-grabbing, Gretchen-flagellating absurdity phrases and wording.

    Honestly, some of them are like reading press releases.

    I also belief she won’t last in NYC. NYC has the best, and the worst, of everything. She’s emotionally fragile. Her design skills couldn’t support her in Portland…

    I’m a Capricorn, as well (Sun, Mercury, Moon). Saturn squares are always no big deal to me. They are kind of comforting because I know how the world is for awhile–it’s like I am all the time. The outer-planet transit that knocked me for a loop was Neptune. I came out a different person afterwords.

    So this Saturn transit may just straighten things out so she can deal with them.

    Anyway, love the website, loved the article.

  4. Nina and Michael spent the entire season scolding designers for not “taking risks” and for lacking originality and flare. Then in the end they reject the most original, dynamic, and exciting collection in favor of an almost aggressively dull bunch of mud-colored outfits. There must be more to it than we’re being told.

  5. I believe Mondo was the clear winner, but I feel kinda bad for Gretchen. Sure she was “bossy”, but was she really that bad? I don’t know her personally… Nina Garcia and Michael Kors deserve any backlash.

  6. DebLee, Totally agree. Her junk was just that junk. I grew up in the 60’s this junk by Wretchen the snot nosed hypocrit who as you said so elequently stated thinks the universe was ordered to orbit around her has absolutely no talent. Cannot stand this self absorbed piece of rubbish. No way no how should she have won this competition. I believe she won for the simple fact that she posed no competition whats so ever to Michael Kors. In fact he stole one of Michael Costello’s designs, altered in a very unflattering way and put his name on it. Shame Shame Shame. PR needs to remove Michael Kors and Nina Garcia for that matter as judges. I for one will never watch again until that happens. I took all clothing that I had in my closet by Michael Kors and donated them to the local mission. Will never purchase clothes by Michael Kors again.

  7. I’m tired of all of the cracks about Gretchen and Hippies and now insults to The Grateful Dead. Gretchen is NOT a hippy and she’s certainly not a bohemian no matter how much she uses the word. Gretchen is nothing more than one spoiled brat who thinks that the universe was ordered to orbit around her which I can guaranty you is counter to anything that the Grateful Dead believed in. I can well imagine the type of song that The Dead might have penned about Ms It’s all About Me. Believe me this snot nosed little self indulged individual knows nothing about hippies and the 60’s.

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