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PROJECT RUNWAY FINALE, Spoiler Mondo Guerra or Andy South Winner of Fashion Finale?

Tonight is Project Runway’s season finale. Will Mondo Guerra, Gretchen Jones, or Andy South take home the coveted prize? In September, the three finalists strutted their stuff at Mercedes Fashion Week in New York.  Jessica Simpson was the celebrity judge. In Astrochicks opinion, Mondo blew away the competition with his color and plaid inspired collection.

What Project Runway fans may be surprised to learn, the three remaing finalists weren’t  the only designers at Fashion Week. Michael Costello, Casanova, Ivy, Christopher, Michael D, Valerie and April were there front and center showing their collections. I guess Lifetime decided to mix it up a bit and keep fans and critics guessing who would win. The critics personal favorites were Michael Costello, Mondo, April and suprisingly MEAN GIRL Ivy. You can view the collections here.

Mondo, born under the astrology sign of Gemini, is the fan favorite tonight.  Not only is Mondo smart he has a fun pop art fashion style. Astrologically, the stars aligned for him to be crowned the Project Runway winner. On a career note, I think his design collection will be well received and he will serve as an inspiration to many with his health challenges.  I think he has an opportunity to become one of the more successful designers from this show. He might even find love.

We are sad that Michael Costello didn’t make it to the final three but we’re glad his collection was a hit a Mercedes Fashion Week. For more fabulous insight on Project Runway’s season finale, check out Culture Map as they reveal fashion’s dirty little secret. Enjoy.

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  1. UGH! No wonder Michael and Nina thought Mondo’s collection was too young…THEY ARE TOO OLD. Has anyone shopped the Kors ready to wear collection for Fall. Talk about OLD LADY clothes. There wasn’t one piece I’d be caught dead in and I’m 58. Gretchen’s collection was ho-hum hippie oldster. Heidi’s the one with the best taste on the show…why wouldn’t they listen to her???

  2. When Nina and Michael Talk About Having No Taste And Style They Should Have Drop Gretchen Off The Show Way Back. Iam A Older woman Of 55 And Belive Me There Was Nothing In Gretchen Collection That I Will Wear. I Thought The The Show Was About High Fashion And Fablous Style But I Guess This Is One Show Were Michael And Nina Had On Blinders.Heidi If You Are Going To Have Younger Desinger Than You Need Too Get More Younger Judges. Now Don’t Get Me Wrong I Like The Show But Give Credit Where Its Due

  3. Obviously in the eyes of Michael Kors and Nina Garcia the white girl had to win over the Asian and the Mexican and if you think that Heidi was for Mondo it was all fake she had to pretend that she wanted Mondo. From Episode one Gretchen had no right to be in it her designs were awful it looked like clothes from some other century in a rummage sale the finale some of the modes were wearing just panties is that a new fasion. Each week they cut someone who had much better designs including Michael and kept her they knew what they were doing they have lost all integrity in so many ways also we vowed never to watch this show again. THE END

  4. JQ – I agree 100%. I literally said the same thing to my husband last night. I think Kors provides witty commentary, but his current line is frump-tastic and has been for the last few seasons. I’m 33 and I tried on a few pieces last month… and they were just AWFUL. My mother dresses more youthfully.

  5. Oh… and Mondo should have won hands down. He was clearly the winner and I know he has a successful career ahead of him.



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