Are Jesse James and Kat Von D engaged? The rumors about the tattoo couple breaking up are false. Kat Von D confirmed via Twitter that she’s still together with Jesse James and very much in love. In fact, Kat Von D is sporting a Victorian diamond ring on her wedding finger. Was it a gift from Jesse James or something special she bought for herself?

Kat Von D says, “It’s actually a ring from the 1900s,” is all she would say. Also, in a new interview this week she said, “I’m not dating Nikki (Sixx),” she says. “We didn’t get back together. Jesse and I didn’t break up.”

Kat Von D said the diamond ring is new and she just started wearing it. She says, “Yeah, it’s been an addition to all the rest of my jewelry and my Victorian collection,” not confirming or denying that it may be a token of Jesse James love. Kat says she’s proud to have James in her corner. “I’ve known Jesse for a long time, since I was 22 years old,” she says. “I think he’s probably one of the most kind-hearted, intelligent human beings.”

Astrochicks feels sorry for Sandra Bullock, it’s gotta hurt seeing your ex husband move on so quickly. It was only eight months ago when she won her Oscar, singing Jesse James praises that he was the best hubby ever. Fast forward to today, now Kat Von D is bragging how wonderful the dude is. As they say, love is blind.

Astrologically, Jesse James an Aries, will continue to ride the wheel of fortune. Living in Austin will make him more grounded but still insecure in love, he seems to be in a rush to get married again. Kat Von D and Sandra Bullock have a similar look minus the tattoos, is that why James chose her. Kat Von D a Pisces girl, just loves to be in love and wants that fairytale ending. Not sure if she find it with Jesse James but she’s definitely going to try.

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