TERESA GIUDICE Husband Joe, Attacks Her Brother Joey Gorga at Baptism!

Teresa Giudice and husband Joe, I guess don’t know how to keep it classy. The Real Housewives of New Jersey drama queen ruined her nephew’s christening over the weekend. Joe Giudice attacked Teresa’s brother and punched him, while Joey Gorga’s terrifed kids watched. Of course cameras were rolling so fans will get to see table flipping Teresa Giudice in all her glory. The scene will appear on next season of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

More than 100 guests were at the party, who were there to celebrate the baptism of newest Jersey Housewive, Melissa Gorga’s son. According to Radar Online, Melissa and Joey Gorga were upset that Joe Giudice didn’t attend the church ceremony and he was over an hour late for the christening.  What a douchebag.

A voilent fist fight broke out when Joe Giudice and Joey Gorga traded punches, which became a wild all out brawl amongst the guests. Including Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, who got into a fight with her sister in law Melissa Gorga. Seriously Teresa? At a child’s christening, girl you may be a Taurus but you have ZERO class. Guests tried to intervene including Teresa’s dad, the children were crying, the guests were screaming and it was just another wonderful family event compliments of Teresa Giudice.

At one point Joe Giudice, always a gentleman yelled, “I’ll kill that (bleeping) midget,” at Joey Gorga. Well that’s definitely a christening to remember. I guess it’s safe to say that Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga hate each other. Astrochicks can’t wait till next season. Stay tuned.

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  1. Should this be a surprise? She is a pit bull.
    …….and people like and admire her. ugh
    I feel more sorry for Danielle now than ever for having to put up with that nonsense.
    Teresa the pit bull si no example for her children or the teens and young college females that admire her.

  2. I wonder if Teresa Giudice ever cringes when she watches herself on TV? I realize she makes money but a baptism? You have to put your children first and it’s crazy to think that Joe Giudice would be so obnoxious. Teresa will be the new Danielle Staub this season.

  3. I was at the christening. It was horrendous and lots of people (including me) left with our kids. Most small children were crying and afraid.

    Most of us, during the evening, wondered if there would be “something” and they didn’t disappoint

    A beautiful party and what a waste with the low class Giudices starting a “thing”. Even with their own small girls as witnesses. Guess that’s what happens when ego and Bravo cameras collide!

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