Project Runway’s final three were chosen on Thursday night. Astrochicks is shocked that Michael Costello was sent home and Gretchen Jones with her hot Safari mess was in. What? Michael Costello overcame so many personal and professional challenges during this season of Project Runway. Which included unnecessary bullying and bitchiness from other designers but pressure from his family over his lifestyle.  A fan favorite, for his sweet demeanor and elegant style, I’m shocked that Heidi Klum and Michael Kors didn’t select him as one of Project Runway’s final 3.  Especially after Heidi Klum mocked Gretchen’s granola style. HEARTBREAKING!

 Although Michael Costello was not chosen as one of the final 3 for Project Runway, thankfully Michael DID make it to Mercedes Fashion Week. His collection received rave reviews from fashion critics who attended the Project Runway fashion show. His designs were beautiful, stylish and blew the other competition out of the water.  Astrochicks thinks he has potential to be a huge succes. You can view the pictures here.

This season, Michael Costello and Mondo were my favorite designers. As a fan, I felft emotionally connected to each one and every week I cheered these darling boys on. As designers, I think both have commercial potential with Mondo reaching the under 30 crowd with his fun and playful looks. Michael Costello is more sophisticated and would attract the girl who’s ready to walk the red carpet. Gretchen Jones designs what can I say? They could be bought at Target or K Mart and her collection was FUGLY. Are you kidding me? She’s not a high fashion designer, Michael Costello’s designs were immaculate. My big question to Heidi Klum and Nina? Who’s designs would you rather wear? Michael Costello or Gretchen Jones? I can’t imagine either one wearing a safari outfit.

I definitely liked Project Runway this season, the judges seemed a bit meaner but I’m not a big fan of hate mongering. Especially everyone who ganged up Michael Costello. IVY needs crawl back under the designer rock she came out of. What a jealous and bitter girl. I have loads of respect for Michael Costello, he’s rejected at home by his parents and he comes to New York for more designer bashing. Not classy. At least he has a lovely partner who supports him and beautiful little boy.

My guess is Mondo will win Project Runway, he’s a true inspiration and definitely has a fun style that I think young women would wear. For Michael Costello, he was the Grand Marshall at Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade last week.  Getting some love from his hometown fans. Click here for another great article about tonights Project Runway’s episode. Stay tuned for the final episode of Project Runway and see if Mondo wins.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.