Lindsay Lohan, troubled actress and party girl is about to complete her 30 day rehab stint at the Betty Ford Clinic. As part of her recovery,  doctors are urging Lindsay to commit to another 45 days to treat her addiction to cocaine. Will Lindsay Lohan do it? It depends on how her court case goes. Will the judge require her stay longer in rehab or will she be required to return to jail? What will Mommy Dearest, Dina Lohan want?

The biggest issue that Lindsay Lohan faces besides her addiction  is her unhealthy relationship with her parents, Dina Lohan and Michael. Sources say, the Betty Ford Clinic doctors feel Lindsay Lohan is under incredible pressure to support her whole family. What she needs most at this critical point in her life is a normal mother and daughter relationship with Dina Lohan. It appears they may have given up hope with Michael Lohan.  In fact, doctors want Lindsay to fire Dina Lohan as her manager but she doesn’t know how.

A source says, “Lindsay Lohan feels the financial burden of taking care of her entire family. It’s enormous pressure for any person in their twenties, let alone someone that is battling with addiction. Lindsay and Dina don’t have a normal mother-and-daughter dynamic because of the length of time that Dina has worked for Lindsay. She isn’t strong enough to tell Dina that she doesn’t want her to work for her anymore.  However, her addiction treatment team is asking that she commit to at least another 45 days of treatment. Lindsay has done several 30 day rehab stints and almost every time, she has relapsed. We really believe that the longer she stays at Betty Ford, the better for her odds of success.”

Astrologically, Lindsay Lohan is in a critical period of her life. Born under the astrology sign of Cancer, she’s very emotional and sensitive. Family is everything to her and she doesn’t want to hurt the ones she loves, even if that means hurting herself. Cosmically it looks like she will find the strength to break ties from her mom, Dina Lohan, and find another business manager more suitable for the second part of her career. She’s an amazing actress and with the right help, her career could get as big as former addict Robert Downey Jr.  The next six months will be the turning point for Lindsay Lohan, lets hope her mom Dina Lohan supports her in making these changes.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.