Eduardo Saverin breaks his silence over the new Facebook movie and Mark Zuckerberg,  in a new blog post for CNBC. The film, The Social Network, has pushed movie fans to ask, “Where is Eduardo Saverin?” What happened to the Facebook C0-Founder after Mark Zuckerberg betrayed his best friend and choose Sean Parker to help lead the company to over 500 million users? For the first time, Eduardo Saverin is speaking out about Facebook,  Mark Zuckerberg, and his thoughts on the new film.

The new movie, The Social Network, gives Facebook users an inside psychological look at Mark Zuckerberg the youngest billionaire in the world and his former college mate, Eduardo Saverin.  What fans get to see is a ruthless and obsessed 19 year old, Mark Zuckerberg, throw anyone and everyone under the bus to take Facebook to the next level. He even kicks Eduardo Saverin out of the company and tries to deny him ownership of the company. Not so fast Zuckerberg, a few lawsuits later, Eduardo Saverin is reinstated as Co- Founder of Facebook and gets his shares back. A happy ending to the Social Network story, plus he’s a billionaire to boot. Where is Eduardo Saverin now?

Today on CNBC, Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin is a guest blogger. For the first time he speaks publicly about what he learned about his life watching the Social Network. Must have been surreal but one thing Saverin did was keep it classy. Here is an excerpt: “What I gleaned from viewing “The Social Network” was bigger and more important than whether the scenes and details included in the script were accurate. After all, the movie was clearly intended to be entertainment and not a fact-based documentary. What struck me most was not what happened – and what did not – and who said what to whom and why. The true takeaway for me was that entrepreneurship and creativity, however complicated, difficult or tortured to execute, are perhaps the most important drivers of business today and the growth of our economy.”

Eduardo Saverin continues, “Today, Facebook affects the world in so many more ways than just its initial execution at Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg successfully developed an entirely new world for daily interactions.While watching the “Hollywood version” of one’s college life and Facebook is both humbling and entertaining, I hope that this film inspires countless others to create and take that leap to start a new business. With a little luck, you might even change the world. ”

To read the rest of the blog post, click here. Definitely an inspirational statement and a definite glimpse in to who the Co-Founder of Facebook,  Eduardo Saverin really is.  Smart, creative, articulate, and inspirational. Astrochicks gives the movie, The Social Network, two thumbs up a definite must see.

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Jacy Nova

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