More WE drama for “Raising Sextuplets” couple, Bryan and Jennifer Masche.  The married couple have recently split over domestic abuse and possible infidelity. According to sources, the big blow out is over Jennifer Masche meeting up with an ex boyfriend from 15 years ago, that can’t be good. I guess she didn’t read the book, “It’s Called a Break Up Because It’s Broken.” Anyway, it looks like the Jennifer Masche and Bryan are headed for divorce.

Anyway, Jennifer Masche was suppose to be on a prayer retreat with her girlfriends in San Diego. Instead, she decided to meet up with her ex boyfriend, while she was evaluating her marriage with Bryan Masche. How can an ex boyfriend, Levi McClendon, help with that? Especially when he is married with two kids of his own? I wonder how many marriages or relationships have been ruined over Facebook? Old boyfriends or girlfriends “reconnecting” after several years. Once a cheater always a cheater in Astrochicks opinion. Seems kinda selfish on Jennifer Masche and Levi McClendon’s part.

Jennifer and Bryan Masche’s marriage went from bad to worse after Bryan contacted Levi McClendon’s wife to tell her about their relationship via Facebook. This resulted in several heated telephone conversations between the two men in July before Bryan’s eventual fiery showdown with his wife at her parents’ Campe Verde home on September 11, which led to his arrest.

Granted what husband Bryan Masche did was deplorable but it sounds like these two need some serious marriage counseling. With all those kids, a reality show, it’s bound to put a strain on the marriage. Will Jennifer Masche and Levi McClendon work out? I seriously doubt it, probably the only reason why he contacted her was because she was on TV.  If you want to read the rest of the dirty details you can read it at Radar Online.

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Jacy Nova

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