Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin the Founders of Facebook, plus ex President Sean Parker, have intrigued movie fans after seeing the Social Network. Everyone wants to know is the movie fact based or only the figment of a Hollywood imagination. It’s probably a combination of both.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Harvard drop out genius, is considered brilliant and obsessed with making Facebook a success. Some people may consider him ruthless while others find him driven. A popular blog Tech Crunch, dug up some old Facebook IM and messages that Mark Zuckerberg posted in regards to the founders lawsuit over the Facebook.

In one Facebook IM exchange, a friend calls Eduardo Saverin a sucker for investing $15k and buying servers for Mark Zuckerberg. In the candid exchange, Zuckerberg says no, that he considered Eduardo Saverin the business mind and he was happy to create cool stuff. In his exchange over the  first Harvard student users of “dumb f@%ks” for trusting him with their personal information.

In another Facebook IM with Dustin Moskovitz, Zuckerberg defended his decision to throw Eduardo Saverin under the bus and removing him from the company because he thought he was doing a crappy job. Of course, this is when he had Sean Parker whispering in his ear. The IM says, “I maintain that he fucked himself…He was supposed to set up the company, get funding, and make a business model. He failed at all three…Now that I’m not going back to Harvard I don’t need to worry about getting beaten by Brazilian thugs.”

Of course the rest is history. Mark Zuckerberg got sued and had to restore Eduardo Saverin as Co-Founder of Facebook and he still owns 5% of the company making him a billionaire. Not too shabby for two 26 year old dudes. If you haven’t seen the Social Network, it’s a definite must see, Astrochicks is going to see it a second time this weekend. Two big thumbs up.

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