MTV Jersey Shore in its final episode this season, scored 6.7 million viewers. In case you missed it, Snooki and Angelina Pivarnick got in a major cat fight which paved the way for Angelina to exit the popular show one last time.  The State Island Princess was fed up with the rest of the Jersey Shore cast ganging up on her and decided to quit.

The self proclaimed “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” please this girl is delusional, gave MTV the details on why she had to leave Jersey Shore behind. “Enough was enough,” Angelina Pivarnick said. “I couldn’t take the abuse anymore, so I just decided — I love my family and friends back home; those are the people that really love me for who I am — so I’m just going to leave and be with those people.”

The big dramatic blowout between Snooki and Angelina was over Vinny. Pivarnick says, “It started with her being jealous that I hooked up with Vinny, and then she hooked up with a guy that I was talking to get back at me, and she said I had her sloppy seconds. Meanwhile, she did the same thing I did,” Angelina explained, she later called herself as “drunk” and “a fool” for hooking up with Vinny. I guess Jersey Shore are a bunch of swingers. Angelina has hooked up with Pauly D, Mike the Situation and now Vinny. As the Situation says, “She’s like the Staten Island ferry, everyone gets to ride.”

I’m surprised Angelina wanted to give up all the cash she was making on Jersey Shore. Oh well, she claims to have her own reality show in the works, we will see about that. Who did Angelina Pivarnick like the least on Jersey Shore? Mike the Situation, Angelina says: Mike frequently harassed Angelina about her weight, calling her “a hamster” and “a trash bag.” Gee Mike, keep it classy. Angelina says she’s happier now, she’s dating police officer Paul Imperiale.

Snooki and Vinny as boyfriend and girlfriend would be cute. Astrochicks think Snooki is secretly in love with anyway. Stay tuned.

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