TLC’s new reality show, Sister Wives, is a huge hit. On Sunday, over 2 million people tuned in to watch Kody Brown and his three wives share their life with America. Of course, announcing to the world that you are a polygamist family has its risks.  In fact, the Utah police announced they were investigating the family for bigamy.

Sister Wive Meri the first wife, grew up up in a polygamist family and married Kody when she was only 19. She has only one child and was unable to have anymore children. She seems the sweetest of the wives, the least demanding and the most accommodating to the other wives. She does admit that she’s jealous of the other wives, especially the new wife Robyn.

Sister Wive Janelle is the second wife and has six children. She’s one of the bread winners of the family, says she has always been a career woman. She almost seems like the second husband of the family. In the first episode she stresses how she hates housework and likes that she has other Sister Wives to watch the kids. Her oldest son Logan, makes the kids breakfast in the morning. Interesting.

Sister Wive Christine is the third wife, seems the most needy. She was raised in a polygamist family. For years she was in love with Kody Brown but he was unable to commit to her. After being friends for several years, they finally decided to get married. She has five children and another baby on the way. They all seem happy, is it real or just an act? Christine is the Mama Bear of the house and watches over all the children. She also admits she has jealous of the new wife Robyn.

Sister Wive Robyn will be the fourth wife, she’s only 30 years old and bring three children to the family. On TLC, we get to see Kody Brown “court” his new wife and how the other Sister Wives react to it. The children seem to be thrilled to have a new mom enter the family. Bizarre…

What’s the big attraction for Kody Brown? An Advertising Sales executive, he looks like a surfer dude, who drives a Lexus and seems to be doing financially well. Although Kody Brown and his first wive Meri filed for bankruptcy in 2005. The house they live in is actually owned by Sister Wive Janelle and Kody. Why did he get a fourth wife, Astrochicks opinion is he loves his other wives but is bored and wants something new romantically and sexually. Definitely an interesting show, a must watch.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.