The Bachelor buzz today is about Brad Womack taking a second shot at love. Bachelorette and Bachelor fans are split on bringing Brad Womack back, some are all for it and some are totally against. Many are disappointed that Chris Lambort turned down the Bachelor opportunity and other fans would like to have a new guy cast as the Bachelor.

Former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars are speaking out, giving their opinion on how the new season might go. Former Bachelorette winner, Jesse Csincsak, posted his thoughts on ABC choosing Brad Womack. Jesse says, ” I think Brad Womack will be a great Bachelor.  Brad has already been through 3 months of bull$h*t that ABC puts you through, so he knows the ropes.  Brad Womack is a good looking dude,  my beautiful wife ANN says so, sorry honey. This time I promise you Brad Womack is getting paid a pretty penny. My guess is 50 to 100k for his 90 days off of the grid NONSENSE.” Astrochicks has heard it’s as much as $250k. Not too shabby to make out with a bunch of hot chicks.

Jesse Csincsak goes on to explain on how it really works behind the scenes. He says, “ABC buys the rights to the Bachelor show for millions of dollars from the production company, Next Entertainment, owned by Mike Fleiss. Fleiss hires a casting company, who are paid thousands of dollars to find interesting cast members for the show. In the end, the Producers really don’t care if the Bachelor or contestants find love, they still have made their money by selling the show to ABC. ”

In Jesse Csincsak’s opinion, Brad Womack is smart for what he’s doing. He’s single and has nothing to lose. He gets a nice big fat paycheck and the possibility to find love. He doesn’t have to choose a girl and he can walk away a second time without finding love.  Brad Womack has already been annihilated in the press once before, who cares if it happens again.

What about Brad Womack? According to the recycled Bachelor, he’s a changed man and ready to find love again. Will see about that Mr. Scorpio!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.