KATY PERRY and RUSSELL BRAND Wedding, Bollywood Theme, Designer Decor, and Gorgeous Gown!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand will be walking down the aisle soon. After a whirlwind Bachelorette party in Las Vegas, Katy Perry got to enjoy some girlie time with her best friend Rihanna. Russell Brand opted for a boy’s night out in Hollywood, which included lots of scantilly clad dancing girls.

Katy Perry born under the sign of Scorpio, is a very emotional and passionate girl. Her fiancee, Russell Brand, asked Perry to be his wife on a romantic trip to India. As soon as Katy Perry got engaged, rumors started swirling about their upcoming nuptials. Gossip suggests that Katy Perry’s wedding decor will be inspired by her engagement in India and is planning a Bollywood themed wedding. How fun!

On the popular wedding site, The Ring Bearer, Paras Mehta, designer of Design2Decor , was inspired to create a wedding look that he thinks is perfectly suited to Katy Perry’s style – colourful, eclectic and original. A unique mix of colors was very important to Katy Perry’s wedding decor design. Bright orange, pinks, purple and yellow roses, and hydrangeas popped against the green mums. Absolutely divine, Astrochicks wants a wedding like that.

The stunning decor, is perfect for popstar Katy Perry and her funny man, Russell Brand. Browse through the slides to take a look at all of the fabulous details Paras created!

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